WFMW: Homemade Wall Art

My second Works For Me Wednesday post ever! W00t! There’s no stopping me now!



As I may have mentioned, we have been repainting our house (inside) in order to cleanse it of (some) of the crazy, cockeyed, random, and psychedelic colors I have, over the years, subjected it to. The result has been some very clean, very bright rooms. Unfortunately they also look a little…sterile. My littlest boys’ room, especially, needed a shot of FUN.


The theme of choice was “outer space”, and so I set to work to find some wall art that would have the necessary complement of rockets and planets and stars, only to find everything exorbitantly priced. One print, for instance, would cost me $40, and there was a lot of wall-space to cover! So I revisited an earlier thought that went something like I shall never again have prints on my walls, but shall buy original art from real artists, or create it myself.


Finding canvasses on sale at my local hobby store for 30% off, I bought ten of varying sizes, and went to work.


I had never painted planets before. Or rockets. Or stars. But I had a vague notion in my head of what I wanted them to look like, and so I gave it a go. I started with my tiniest canvas (about 4″ x 6″), and painted Pluto. Now, I know Pluto has been demoted to a planetOID, but I’m not ready to let him go. He turned out pretty well. I was psyched!


Brush in hand, I painted Uranus, and Neptune. I liked them too.


I plowed through Mercury…






And Mars…



Their sizes, while not exactly to scale (Jupiter and Saturn would have required canvasses about the size of my house), at least give the basic idea of which planets are smallest and so forth.


I was procrastinating attempting to paint Earth, though. It made me a little apprehensive, what with its continents and oceans and polar ice caps and whatnot. But I took a deep breath, grabbed an atlas, and told myself that I could always paint over it (and over it…and over it…) if I totally muffed it.



Doggone it if it didn’t turn out all right, or at least recognizable!


Now, Jupiter and Saturn were really fun. I had bought really big canvasses for them…I think they’re 2′ X 3’…I astounded myself by managing to paint a perfect circle for Saturn. I don’t know how I did that. I don’t think I could do it again if I tried.



Jupiter and his big red spot was fun too…



Lastly, I painted a rocket. Gabriel really, really loves rockets right now, and so I painted a likeness something akin to the vessel Wallace and Gromit use to go to the moon in their classic claymation tale. Then I printed out the faces of the three little boys who are going to inhabit the room, and painted some helmets on them.



Can I just say that the boys are tickled pink and cannot stop talking about how THEY are IN the ROCKET and THEY are GOING into OUTER SPACE and THEY are LOOKING OUT the WINDOWS and HEY DID YOU NOTICE that THEY are IN the ROCKET, THEY, THEMSELVES???


Lastly, I painted over each and every canvas with a hefty helping of Mod Podge to protect from various elements like grimy fingers and boogers and sneezes.


Here are the walls, to give you an idea of the scale of the canvasses. Please ignore the barenaked window (curtains to come), the unmade bed (bedclothes to come), and the generally poor lighting.



(quilt by my fabulously talented aunt)


Now, before you start telling me you could never do such a thing, let me once again emphasize that I had never, ever, ever, ever painted anything on a canvas before. Ever. I had not painted planets. I had not painted rockets. I did not know how it would turn out. But I decided to play anyway. And I truly believe that you, too, can do just as well, and probably far better, if you just relax and play a little bit yourself.


Next time you need some art, before you plunk down hard-earned cash on some yawnerific print of a painting by some dead dude (or dudette), grab yourself a discount canvas, some $1 bottles of acrylic paint, turn on some music, and let the muse take over. I’d be willing to bet that what you come up with will be completely wonderful, and more importantly, absolutely original.


For more Works-for-Me-Wednesday ideas, check out Shannon’s bloggy carnival here!

44 thoughts on “WFMW: Homemade Wall Art”

  1. I love it. My son’s room is space themed as well. You did a great job on the planets. I love doing projects like that – I just tend to have the great idea and then never get it done. Good for you. It is so rewarding to have my children be excited and love something I made for them.

  2. Those turned out AWESOME! You did a great job! My oldest DS keeps talking about how he wants a solar system room once we get the basement bedrooms finished (and started).

  3. You did a MARVELOUS job!

    I know your boys will thoroughly enjoy their new room with all the original paintings!

  4. Those are fantastic, Jenni! I totally agree–I have many times used cheap canvas and cheap acrylic paint as a way to spruce up a space (especially handy in my old apartment where we couldn’t HANDLE all the white walls).

  5. NOW I know why you haven’t been answering my e-mails! Gee Whiz-er-wow, I am SO impressed! (esp. love the little guys peeking out of the rocket and can’t wait for them to show us THEIR room!)

  6. Very fun! I think your Saturn painting is my favorite! Your earth turned out pretty good, but I was wondering why Canada was all covered in snow and the States were all green?? Are you another stereotypical American who thinks we have winter all year round and live in igloos? 😉 JJ – I think they’re all fabulous! 🙂

    LOL… yeah, I decided it was a shot of the earth during fall in North America, and you had just gotten your first big snowfall for the year. Or maybe you’re just experiencing a great deal of cloud cover. Basically, I was really tired by the time I was done and didn’t wanna fart with it anymore, so I called it good! *cue Great White North music, and Bob and Doug commentary*

  7. Those turned out great! I’ve actually been toying with the idea of a wisteria tree in my girls’ room…with some fairies hiding among the flowers, of course. Just gotta get it going…

  8. Wow, I love this! I’m inspired…
    Your boys’ faces in the rocket are an especially cute touch. I can imagine how excited they must be!

    Also appreciated your post on Grueling Homeschooling re: phonics curriculum. I’m using 100 EL for the first time with my 6 y.o.d (after successfully using “nothing in particular” with my first two boys) and while she IS learning to read, I’d have to agree with you about the stories. 🙂

  9. That is a really cute idea! I’m sure it’s probably easy, but you did a great job! I can’t even draw a person! LOL I think you had a great idea there! And I love the picture of the rocket with the faces of the kids looking out! Neat, neat, neat!


  10. What a wonderful room! I know your boys will always remember how terrific it turned out, and will come to appreciate all the effort you took for them!

    My youngest two loved Buzz and Woody when they were little… I painted various Toy Story characters on their walls. Now I wish I had done the canvas’, so we would still have them. (We had to relocate to another state and sell our house)

  11. Fabulous! and smart. Your own art is always a bit more fun to see, make and appreciate. Good for you.

    Now you can say things like – “Now that I’ve painted, I can do anything!”

    Come by and see me today
    The Goat

  12. Those are awesome! Great job! I will say that I could never do it, but that is as much because I could never get my butt to the craft store to buy the supplies, as well as because I could never find a spot in my house to do the painting, nor find the time to do it, as much as because all my artistic talent seems to have died out when I went to college LOL. I think the idea of your kids’ faces in the rocket is pure genius!

  13. I LOVE those planets and the rocket, they definitely turned out awesome! I recently discovered, it has thousands of posters of all kinds of different things (paintings, photography, etc). Some of them are costly, but a lot of them are around $5, and they even have a section that’s all clearance, where they list everything that’s on sale! That might help you out to make the kids’ rooms a little less impersonal, without hurting your wallet too much! Rock on 🙂

  14. So incredibly cute! I love them! Your boys will treasure them for years to come.

    When I was a kid, my parents glued a dinosaur puzzle to the back of a large bulletin board and used cardstock as the matting. He had 2 huge dinosaur prints for very little cash!

    When I went to college, I took one of the bulletin boards with me and people thought it was odd that there was a dinosaur puzzle on the back, but it brought back fond memories of home!

    Keep the creative posts coming! 🙂

  15. Wow! Just found you via Works for me Wednesday.
    I LOVE your paintings! I don’t blame your little boys for being psyched! They turned out absolutely wonderful! I will have to maybe try something like this when my boys get a little older.
    PS – 12 isn’t that many – I’m the oldest of 10 🙂

  16. These are great! The best thing in my mind about decorating with actual art instead of decals or wallpaper border or some such is that you can take it with you.

  17. Work for Me Wednesdays. Now there is one I haven’t heard of, but I like it. I don’t know that anyone can consider their house any more psychedelic than what my house has turned into. Although, most of the rooms are somewhat subdued, you can see on my blog over the last couple of weeks my house is anything but sterile looking! LOL You did an AWESOME job on the canvases. The planets are great. Earth turned out terrific. Jupiter looks like it has an open mouth. I love it! Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t paint. You definitely proved otherwise here! And the idea of combining the photos with the canvas is SUPER. I imagine they’ll be talking about that for quite some time! What a neat way to personalize the rocket by having them look out the windows!

  18. Those turned out so cute! I too love the rocket ship pictures. And the big mass of clouds you put over the Northern US and Canada… let me tell you, it is very appropriately placed! :o)

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