Kitchen Sink Saturday

I feel like this edition of the kitchen sink is sort of a cheat, since I haven’t been writing anything lately besides that of the kitchen sink variety…given that most of my energy is going into keeping this flu out of my lungs, where it is certain to settle in like a cold, damp fog on an autumn afternoon in London.


Forgive me for the lack of depth here lately. Sometimes the depth, it refuses to cooperate.


So if I cannot be deep, I shall at least enjoy splashing in the shallows with abandon. Care to join me?


I made this lately.



It’s me. As a superhero. She knows how to kick some booty. You can make your own here. Leave me a comment if you make one; I wanna see!


Now, I need all you LOLCat-lovers to help me out. I have this succession of photos that are begging for captions, but my inherent grammarian refuses to allow me to come up with the hilariously mis-worded dialogue that cracks me up. Check it out:



That’s Mini, our rat terrier, blasting off. Maybe it’s only funny to me?


Moving along…


I’m reading a book right now that is absolutely destroying me. I think I need time to process all the emotions I am feeling while reading it, but trust me when I say that it will mess you up. In a good way. It’s educational, horrific, historic, hopeful, gruesome, and tender all in one. It’s called The Hospital By The River, and it amazes me that I have no problem reading about things that, were I witness to them, would cause me to be unconscious on the floor in 0.4 seconds.


My proclivity for becoming useless in bloody situations is of great frustration to me. Mostly because people who do not suffer from this affliction always imply that if I would just get a grip, I’d be fine. Rose (who has the same tendency) has theorized that, when one becomes woozy, if someone else would just slap them upside the head really, really hard, then it might pass. We have yet to test this theory.


I found this amazing site that is very much like tastespotting (slaver!), but for interior design. It gathers up all the latest cool (often) and bizarre (more often) furniture and architecture trends, and posts them in a grid-style-format. It’s called cribcandy, and what is truly fantastical about their finds are the prices. Egad. (disclaimer: while you would think interior design would be a fairly benign sphere in which to dabble, given that much of it is considered “art”–and if I could make quotes in triplicate, I would–I make no promises that there will not be an occasional bit of offensiveness encountered at said website. but mostly it seems okay)


Here is a smattering of fascinating things for your “crib” over at cribcandy:



It’s a mirror! With a built-in moustache!


A table, for those with collaplateauphobia (fear of tables spontaneously toppling)

This is a chair. What? It is too! Yes, it is!



See. I told you.



Remember what I said about “art”? Yeah. I think I made my point.


If I had never found, I would have no idea that such things existed.


And that, clearly, would be a damn shame.

18 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink Saturday”

  1. Picture captions: I’m going to get it, I’m coming closer, I’m almost there…, Damn, I’m still on the ground!

    “Furniture” Isn’t that stuff some of the most bizarre stuff you’ve ever seen? Lordy, now how DID we live without it all these years? I think they were the original decorators of the “Addams Family”! LOL

    Hero: Seems our heros turned out to be somewhat related! Mine’s just older and needs a big stick to walk with and then slug the hell out of them! LOL I’ll be posting mine soon.

    No matter how sick you are, you never lose your sense of humor and wit. I love it! One of the things I love the most about your blog!

  2. hey, making the super hero was fuuuunnn, I was one-eyed nine tails…although I didn’t have any tails…so go figure…I am the whipper-of-wedding-into-shapers…smile…

    thanks for the tension tamer…hee,hee

  3. Oh, I would definitely have chosen a laundry basket if I could have! Ooooh, or a baby, even better! It reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw: “I make babies; what’s your super power?” LOL My hero’s name was disappointing, and I wanted to keep the black costume, but black wasn’t an option. Darn.

  4. I made my own hero, complete with (oh, this is cool) a PINK (squeals!) gun…. Did you know I used to compete in quick-draw cowboy shooting? That involves shooting with old-style, wild west type guns, and not actually shooting real cowboys…


    That furniture is just downright creepy… Love the mirror though.

    I liked Shelly’s captions for your photos – far better than my feeble brain can dredge up this morning.


  5. I had a ton of fun making my superhero self! Thanks for sharing and hope you feel better soon, I have yet another cold I am fighting off… twice in two weeks, what the world!?

  6. Oh girl – I’m the hottest super hero (ine) ever – thank you for the laughter! Take care – I’ve heard at church these winter bugs,bacteria or viral thingies are sort of boomerang – go away and then come back and hit ya in the head. Please remember to duck once it leaves you!

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