This blog will be temporarily vacant…

For the next week or two as I begin to school my brood. I expect to spend most of my time on my face before the Lord, begging for mercy and compassion and a hefty helping of humor as we get this party started…..

6 thoughts on “This blog will be temporarily vacant…”

  1. OK, I have a little problem with this because, remember a few months ago when you said you were all done blogging? And I took your site off my favorites list? Well, YESTERDAY I decided to look you up and see if you were, by any chance, blogging again. And to my great relief and with more than a little excitement I discovered that you ARE blogging again! And now….what’s this? You’re going to NOT blog for a couple of weeks? I’ll tell you, sister, you are one tough blogger to keep up with. I guess I’ll just sit in this corner and read the archives from the past few months. Sheesh. 😉

    I believe “bipolar” is the word you’re looking for…

  2. I understand the need of intensive prayer. I need to be where you are… and I am down to just two students left.

    Perhaps you would allow us to join you in a field trip some day? Let me know… I am less than 2 hours from Tulsa. Blessings to you and your family!


    That sounds like fun, Tammy…I’ll let you know!

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