I really want to write something

I’m sitting here, during our lunch-hour-slash-run-around-the-house-like-possessed-people break in our homeschool day, and I want to write something. My fingers are poised over the keyboard in anticipation of great thoughts breaking forth like tsunamis over a sea wall.


Unfortunately, my mind is more like a kettle of sludge at the moment.


Ah, homeschooling! How you drain my circuits!


Still, the urge to send something…anything…out onto the internet sea in the hopes that someone will pluck it from the foam and communicate back to me is vital to my sanity. Knowing that someone might be out there, finding my humble little cork-capped bottles of thought, is a great comfort.


So, how are you?


I do have one tidbit to share. I watched a movie. Another movie. This one was a rental. And I was so thoroughly delighted with it that I thought you should know. I want to preface this bit of info with the fact that part of my enjoyment may have to do with the fact that I did not expect to enjoy it at all.


You see, it happened to star an actor whom I have always considered devoid of any talent besides a winning smile. Frankly, he’s just too cute. And I assumed that this cuteness, this overwhelmingly delightful adorability, was the key to his face being in mine every time I turned around. Overexposure, it’s called. And I was determined to roll my eyes at his every appearance.


He proved me very wrong. And I’m happy to admit it.


Can you guess to whom I am referring? And do you know which movie?


Okay, I’ll tell you.


This one:



There were a few tedious moments, but overwhelmingly, it was just plain sweet. Not saccharin sweet, but sweet like a salted caramel; the kind of sweet that leaves you wanting more. And much of it made me laugh out loud, which is never a bad thing for me.


My time is up. Gotta put the cork in this one and fling it over the ramparts. It’s been refreshing standing for a moment and smelling the free air…


20 thoughts on “I really want to write something”

  1. If you remember… I talked about this movie on my blog as well. Mindy and I were surprised after watching it too. Mindy thinks he’s just the cutest little thing. I kind of want to punch him in the face but I can admit when another dude is good lookin’… and he ain’t no Iggy Pop. Word on the street is that he’s engaged now.

    You and Mr. Beloved need to go see “District 9″… he may enjoy it a little more but its a whole new slant on the whole “alien movie” genre.

  2. Hi, Jenni. I was just thinking how nice it will be when 2 of my 3 children are in school. Not long now. Just 6 days, 17 hours, and 33 minutes from now…

    I do dream of homeschooling someday. It sounds so relaxing.

  3. I wanted to see it in the theater, but never got around to it. I have my lame old lady crush on him… I just like cute singing actors I guess. *blush*

    So I escaped my children and went to see Julie & Julia. I loved it, but was unsettled by it. I’m turning 30 *ahem* soon and the whole “what have I done in my life” thing that Julie had in her brain seemed to transfer to my brain. *sigh* What can you do? But Meryl? WOW!

  4. ME TOO! if anything i expected to hate this movie, because of said good-looking-teen-craze… but i was very pleasantly surprised!

  5. I just returned it to the movie store…without watching it. I guess that was a mistake. My daughter did offer to watch it again with me, but I turned her down. Oh well, maybe I’ll rent it again someday.

  6. The internet is an amazing thing. Here I am in Australia picking up your bottles as they float by. Thank you for your blog Jenni. I am always blessed by it and not because I think you are an amazing superwoman but because you are real. I feel less alone in my home schooling, large family, (divide your children by 2 to get my family size!) sleep deprived, longing for other things, happy , sad, content, frustrated way of life.
    Keep hurling those bottles.

  7. Haven’t seen the movie. Haven’t seen anything that Zac has been in, actually, so I have no opinion about him whatsoever.

    I DO, however, have an opinion about YOU, which is that you should steal whatever moments you can to toss LOTS of bottles full of thoughts out into the Internet Sea. I will always be here to read whatever you have to say.

  8. Hoohoo…I am so intuitive! I knew exactly who you were talking about aforehand! I think it had alot to do with Chris’ take on the movie and Pam and Daisy urging us to stay and watch it with them the other night.SO. Now I can go rent an actual movie and expect to enjoy it.

  9. Ramparts! That was the answer to a question on an episode of “The Cash Cab” that I saw yesterday. Random, I know, but how often do you hear or read the word “ramparts” in everyday life?

  10. My husband and I watched 17 again, also not expecting it to be anything special, but we both loved it! So funny! “Where did you learn to speak elf?”

    Still can’t wait to see Julie and Julia.

    Have a great day!

  11. I’ve been wanting to see that movie too…glad it wasn’t awful. Will definitely put it on the list!

    And I love reading what you have to say even when you don’t have anything to say! I know that feeling of really wanting to write something but deciding that telling the internet I have lots of dishes to wash or something equally inane would be a complete waste of everyone’s time. Somehow though, you manage to make the completely inane very entertaining. I’ll have to work on that…

  12. How brave of you to write anyway…There are so many times that I sit poised at my keyboard…dying to write…and can’t think of anything whatsoever.

    Maybe I just need to blabber on anyway…it seems to work for you…as your “blabbering” is still rather poetic in its own way.

  13. Gee…that came out kinda bad…I meant to say that no matter what you write, it’s written WELL. VERY WELL.

    And I’m all inspired from it…even if it’s just the simple “Hello – I liked this movie” kind of post.

  14. Can i say THANK YOU for suggesting this movie? I havent seen too many movies lately b/c most of them are perverted or freaky or just a waste of time. I NEVER would have watched this movie, when I first saw this preview I chalked it up to another perverted flick that I’ll never watch. Well, thanks to you i rented it last night for $1 from redbox, and boy is it cute! FUNNY TOO!! I was so surprised at the underlining tones of keeping a marriage together and love and sacrifice, etc, as that is just not put into movie story lines anymore. Of course there are a few adult themes, but it’s a good flick for adults. It’s funny, I like to read Roger Ebert’s reviews of movies b/c I typically agree with him; (I read after i see the movie though) and he gave it 3 out of 4 stars. Said he was pleasantly surprised by the good acting and good writing as well.

    I had absolutely no desire to see Julie and Julia? it looked somewhat corny to me, but now that you liked it so much, i’ll probably give that one a try too.

    Enjoy your day!

  15. How is it that when your mind is “like a kettle of sludge” you still manage to come up with a decent post while my poor bloggy home accumulates dust and cobwebs? Amazing.

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