DIY Day!

I hope you guys don’t mind the sudden appearance of several bloggy carnivals in which heretofore I had not been a regular participant (whoa, check out that gnarly grammar!), but life being as draining as it is lately, they are giving me much-needed thought-fodder!


In other words, they are easy.


I’m sure eventually I’ll get back to my normal pattern of blither, but for now, it’s DIY day again!




My kitchen sink sits in the corner of my kitchen, with two windows framing a view of our back yard. The windows are ancient aluminum, and the countertops are ’80’s country blue. The type of blue that was usually accompanied by geese wearing matching ribbons around their necks.


Ah, the 80’s. When geese were synonymous with “welcome”. Because geese are so welcoming. Sort of like rhinocerouses.


Unfortunately (?) I have no “before” picture. I am absolutely terrible about taking “before” pictures. I think it’s because I don’t WANT to remember how hideous things were previous to their improvement. I want to forgive and forget. Which is admirable when applied to humanity, but not so good for DIY projects.


At any rate, we have no dollars for new windows, or new countertops, so waddayagonnado? Work with it, that’s what. Employ the age-old method of distraction–of smoke and mirrors–so popular with every successful magician the world over.


First of all, the windows were half-covered with some drapes bought on sale at Wal Mart. I think they were $7 each. Then I propped my little ocean paintings on either windowsill. I figured I might as well accent the blue rather than fight with it. After that it was a matter of buying a cute little ivy plant, propping it up with a cake plate, tossing on some seashells and whatnots, and augmenting with roses.


(please excuse the photo quality. It is remarkably difficult to get a properly exposed picture when taking against bright windows, apparently!)




Roses that, I might add, were EIGHT. DOLLARS. ($8!) at Wal-Mart. Could the $40 types at the florist be any pretttier? I think not.



The little vases were picked up at garage sales for $1 each. The avocados were considerably more expensive.


The final and most wonderful part of this scheme was the little chandelier. Oh my, it just makes my heart smile. It was $80 at Lowes, and worth every penny. At first, it sported a hideous “rusty” finish, which I know some people like, but I quickly slathered it with creamy white paint. Installing it was like indian wrestling with an octopus, but it was worth it. It’s exactly what I envisioned.



So there’s my little corner of dish-washing happiness. If you can use those words together in a sentence, that is. It certainly makes the chore more pleasant if you have something pretty to look at!



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13 thoughts on “DIY Day!”

  1. I think it came out great! My favorites: The chandelier…. wow! That was the first thing I noticed! I also love the green Christmas ornament… nice touch 🙂

  2. one… i’m sooooo jealous that you have such a luverly window spot right in front of your sink! WAH. and two… i’ve alllllwaaaaays admired your kitchen window decore! especially when it is ocean inspired. :O)

  3. Oh! *clap* *clap*!!! I lurve it! I want to come to your house and do dishes all day long so that I can be in your corner of happiness!!!!

  4. Cheryl Crow isn’t the only one to write, “It ain’t having what you want, but wanting what you have.” Great job at making your dish washing corner something to enjoy! I too am in need of smoke and mirrors. Too bad I don’t have a Wal Mart or I would get some of those delightful roses!

  5. Ohhhhhhhh …. Happy, Happy Birthday from all of us to you, we wish it was our birthday, so we could party too – WHOO!

    I had to stop by before the month was out to share with my almost-birthday-buddy 🙂

  6. Just stopping over from ASPTL. I love what you’ve done with that corner. So much more welcoming than those horrid geese! : ) The chandelier is perfect!

  7. The chandelier and curtains may make dishwashing– dare I say?– a downright elegant proposition? Can you use THOSE two words together? Good job!

  8. Beautiful…I agree about having something pretty to look at when doing dishes. Though I have a dishwasher, I always do my pans by hand. If I didn’t at least have a window, I’d stab myself in the eye with Dawn-coated fork.

    I prettied mine up too. I have red cafe tab cafe curtains I made myself, two crystal candlesticks with red candles, an 8×10 frame with my current favorite Bible verse all prettified, and two little fairies…aaaahhhh…

  9. Beautiful!! I LOVE the chandelier! It was the first thing I noticed. Everything is lovely though. What a great way to work with blue countertops!

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