Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve!

You know what I think is cute? Puppies. Yes! I know I’m weird. But really, they are! They are cute. YES, they are. Especially these kind:


(photo credit


That, my friends, is a French Bulldog. In a sweater. I’m sorry to afflict you with so much cuteness in one photo, but if I must suffer, so must you. It’s only fair.


You know what else is cute? My Beloved. And Dave Ramsey, don’t forget! My oldest girls inform me that he is cute, but not hot. He’s not dirty and scruffy enough to be hot, I have been informed. I suppose they’re right. I get the two terms confused sometimes.


Did you know it’s only 4 more sleeps until Christmas? Today it is sunny and supposed to be 58 degrees. FIFTY! EIGHT! I shed tears of gratitude. Not that I’ll get to snork any of the warmth…I’ll be locked in my room for 3,051 hours as I attempt to wrap all the presents currently snickering at my from the depths of my closet.


What would you do if you saw a celebrity in the flesh? I really want to know. I mean, like, if it was your favorite celebrity. Would you make a complete and utter idiot of yourself, or play it cool? Or would you really BE cool, like “hey man, they’re just normal people, after all, just like you and me…one leg at a time and all that jazz…” Because if you would be like that, I’m afraid we can’t be friends. Because no matter how ashamed I’d be, I know for a fact that I’d be all freaking out and hyperventilating and passing out and dying.


It’s stupid, I know.  I’m really sorry.


Is there an item that you’re really! super! excited! to be giving one, or more, of your loved ones this year? Isn’t it fun when that happens? When you know they’re really gonna love it and you can’t wait to give it to them? I have several items like that this year. One of them is a ********* for *********** and a ******* for *******. They’re awesome!!


My family reads my blog.


As long as I’m here, let me help some people out. The proper term is “Better nip it in the BUD”, NOT “Better nip it in the BUTT”. It’s a gardening thing. Also, it’s “used to” not “use to”. Also, it’s “Bald-faced lie” NOT “Ball-faced lie”. Bald faced. As in, bare faced, looking straight-in-the-eye-when-you-say-it, deceitful. Ball faced? No idea. Please stop saying it wrong.


Okay, so there’s 4 more sleeps, wrapping presents, celebrities, hyperventilating, secret gifts, and BALD-FACED.


Also, just to clarify, this is cute:




but this is hot:




Are you paying attention? This material will be on the test.

19 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve!”

  1. It’s funny you’re writing all this stuff about “cute” and “hot”. I’m working on a similar post. Great minds think alike I suppose.

    I would have to admit as well… if I saw one of my celebrity crushes… I would result to a puddley mess of tears and sweat on the floor in front of them.

  2. I’ve actually always heard “bold-faced lie.” As in you just tell it straight to the person’s face, boldly. Hmm…

    You’ve heard wrong. And I’m not afraid to tell you boldly, to your face. Except this is the internet, so nevermind.

  3. I LOVE Dave Ramsey, Debt is Dumb, Cash is King, you know the rest…I wouldn’t say he’s hot or cute, but he’s a nice guy. And, oh, that French Bulldog is adorable, but I’m partial to Enlish Bulldogs. I have no idea why. Thanks for the laughs!

  4. Jenni, have you been eating candy & cookies?… This post sounds like it is bouncing with sugar-induced excitement just the teeniest, tiniest bit! :oP
    And I would probably be with you in the hyperventilating thing. When I learned that Michael’s aunt knows and has worked with Mr D. Tennant (*swoon*), I could barely speak to *her* for the next half hour!

    Sally. Oh, Sally. Oh, Sally Sally!! My daughter (15) is SO SO SO SO SO IN LOVE with Mr. D Tennant that she would weep tears of diamonds if she ever met him. No joke. And yes to the sugar thing. Deeply madly yes.

  5. thank you from the bottom of my heart for that last picture. drooool…. absolutely hot. and i would be a complete mess, totally not cool. at. all.
    and i completely agree with you on all of those mispronounciations! ugh!

  6. I thought you said “but this is NOT” to Aragorn…I seriously almost deleted you from my google reader for that. But then I took a deep breath and looked again. YES, clearly, HOT. Or “hawt”, as the photo caption thingy reads (when I hover over the photo with my mouse).

    And I thought it was bold, but I trust you on bald. Viola! (hehe)

  7. I’ve heard it both bold-faced and bald-faced, but ball-faced? That cracked me up. It sounds dirty…


    Must otherwise agree with your observations of the last two days. Particularly that VOILA starts with a V, since it amazes me how many people can’t read that letter. Well, I’d probably put your Beloved into the cute rather than hot category, but as long as YOU put him with the hotties, all is well. 🙂

    Stars look so different when they are being average people, I don’t know if I’d even recognize them if I saw them in the supermarket! If I did, I think I’d be excited inside but calm-ish on the outside. I know, you’ll kick me off the blog now…

  8. Aragorn IS hot. and so is D. Tennant.

    seeeeeeeeew… what did you get ME for xmas… eh, eh, eh!!?? ;o)

    loving these random posts, dear! i miss you something fierce!

  9. Dying laughing over here, and in COMPLETE agreement with cute vs hot! Agagorn is YUMMY (but when Viggo Mortensen plays someone else he just doesn’t have “it” at all!)

    And 58?? SO COMPLETELY JEALOUS! Here in PA we have 2 FEET of snow and are in the high 20’s/low 30’s.

  10. Oh, and I wanted to add that I have seen a celebrity in the flesh. Susan Richardson–the redhead from Eight is Enough–shops in my local WalMart. I left her alone.

  11. Yes’m, he is pretty good looking. I’m sort of parital to Legolas (is that spelled right?) myself though. Both are worth the watch though.

  12. I love your flavor of crazy, Jen, especially at this time of year. Thanks for pointing me to Dave Ramsey (damn Ramsey); we’ve lost $250 to overdraft fees this month. Argh!

    p.s. I have a deal with my husband: if I ever meet Bruce Springsteen and he happens to want to kiss me right on the mouth, that’s ok.

  13. I’ve always said “Bold-faced lie”, too. While we’re on the topic, though– since it seems like you have a lot of pull here– could you please see what you can do to put a stop to the use of “could care less” in place of “couldn’t care less”? Do people realize that they’re saying almost the opposite of what they mean?! Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

  14. I really laughed over the comment that you are on a sugar-induced high…I was certainly thinking the same thing! But it’s okay.

    Are you aware that people have said “duck tape” for “duct tape” for so long now that it’s morphed into “duck tape” for real? Interesting.

    If that’s Dave Ramsey in the photo, then, yes, he’s rather cute.And, he has dimples. Always a plus.

    I once met a celebrity face to face when I was about eleven. Made a complete idiot of myself. Embarassing. Now I don’t think I’d really care all that much. Matt just recently met Alan Arkin in a sandwich shop. He was cool (I thought) and Mr.Arkin was very nice.

  15. Viggo is ONLY hot in LOTR – funny how the scruffier and dirtier you make him the hotter he is. Maybe we ladies just love a guy who looks like he’s been hard at work all day? 😉

  16. Hi Marian,
    Your comment was 2 years ago but since Jenni is directing readers to this post, who knows, perhaps you’ll read this.

    I’m so with you about people saying “could care less” instead of “couldn’t. It drives me crazy. My response is to direct them to this short explanation by David Mitchell (fabulous English comedian). Enjoy!
    (it’s under David Mitchell Dear America on you tube if link doesn’t work)

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