Frozen Fingers Make it Hard to Push the Shutter Button

Oklahoma is having the snowiest winter I can remember. And as I look out at its sparkling malevolence, I wish I didn’t hate it with the burning fervor of a thousand suns. As I drove home from Wal Mart one day last week, I saw photo ops all around me, taunting me with possibility.


“The next time it snows, I’m just going to bundle up and get those pictures.” My daughter heard me vow when I got home.


“You’ll have your chance on Sunday.” She countered, eyebrow raised slightly in an expression of barely-concealed disbelief.


Dang. I thought to myself. Wish I hadn’t said that out loud.


Sure enough, Sunday morning dawned with a fresh blanket of my age-old nemesis covering every freakin’ thing in sight. I had a vow to fulfill, or else lose my credibility forever.


Actually, I don’t think Molly cared one way or the other. But I had seen a particular tree about a half-mile from our house just begging to be photographed, and I was determined not to let a little hexagonal precipitation keep me from it. How cold could it be, anyway? I was born in Alaska. I spent high school in Norway. I could thrill to the chill, baby.


I bundled up and struck out in search of fabulous wintery photos. I trekked up and down the hills of our neighborhood, nearly wiping out approximately 64 times, suffering a minor heart attack on the steepest incline, dropping my camera into a snowbank, and generally looking like an idiot with my too-small pink knitted hat perched on my head, my sweatpants stuffed into my fur-topped boots, and my scarf tied around my frozen face.


Maybe I should have taken a picture of that.


At any rate, I know you just can’t wait to look at the fruit of my labor, right? I said, RIGHT??? YEAH, THAT’S RIGHT, PEOPLE!  I RISKED LIFE AND LIMB TO GET THESE PICTURES, SO THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS LOOK AT THEM!


::Commence photo review::


I call this one “Summer, On Ice”




I call this one “Dog pee is warm”




This one is called “I’m glad I’m not a bird”




And this one is “Hummingbird Slushee”




This one I call “Narnia”




This one is called “I’m glad I’m not a bunny rabbit”




And this is “My Butt is Cold”




This one is “That’s weird, I’ve never seen wrinkly snow before”




And here is “Snow Shark”




Okay, now that’s just silly. How about something serious?


“Frozen Pump, but that’s okay Cuz It’s Fake Anyway”




“I don’t know but I thought it was pretty”


winter flower3


“Winter Flowers”




winter flower2


And, of course, the tree that I set out in pursuit of in the first place:


tree edit


At first, with my nose running and my eyes streaming and my buttocks seizing up, I wondered if it was even worth the trouble to go out and capture these images. But now that I’ve thawed out, I can safely say that I’m glad I carpe’d the hell out of the diem to do it.


Now, if someone would just be so kind as to wake me when it’s April, I’d be extemely obliged.

19 thoughts on “Frozen Fingers Make it Hard to Push the Shutter Button”

  1. Love the ‘dog pee is warm’ one. ROTFL Only a true artist would see the potential in THAT.

    Pretty pictures, Jenni. What’d you get, a couple of inches of snow? Or do you have a lot more? We have zero here, so I’m tellin’ ya, you should just move your booty over to Oregon and you’d be happy as a lark (you could live at the beach)!

    We got two inches on top of the 6 or 8 we already had…which was compacted into ice in most places…joy…

    Oregon is so beautiful and I’d love to take another trip to see more! Not sure I’d want to live there, though; much like Stavanger and Anchorage with more overcast days than not. I’d need medicating for sure! ;o)

  2. Thank you! We have the cold, but not much snow – if it is going to be cold, then it better snow…. Lovely pictures. Glad you didn’t slack off.

  3. As your neighbor an hour east… I can heartily sympathize. And we got more snow last night. There is snow in today’s forecast. Tomorrow, so far, is free from the frozen whiteness, but then Wednesday and Thursday have yet MORE snow predicted.
    I’m COLD!
    And unlike my children… I do NOT want to go out and play in it. (I am still recovering from a concussion received almost three weeks ago, trying to ice skate.)
    One Thing about the snow though… at least it isn’t ICE.

    You never spoke a truer word, Tammy…those ice storms that coat the power lines and leave me shivering in my own house are pure evil. So sorry to hear about the concussion!!

  4. I truly appreciate you trecking out into the COLD and risking life and limb to get those beautiful shots. Thank you! We don’t get much snow here, we just freeze are butts off. I love the dog pee one ROTFL! The tree is wonderful :)Your a great photographer!

  5. Oh my – very well worth the trouble I’d say! Lovely photos, like the plant ones in particular and your titles all had me giggling out loud at my desk, especially the dog pee one! Luckily, my co-workers already know that I’m a little loopy so they don’t think anything is strange when fits of giggling arise from the depths of the basement! ~chris

  6. Awesome pictures and even better captions!
    We’ve had more snow than we usually do here in the Netherlands, and I keep thinking I should take a pictures of my 7-week old daughter to remember her first snowy winter… but I keep reminding myself it’s too cold.

  7. My #1 favorite: Summer on Ice
    My #2 Favorite: my butt is cold!
    Loved them all! I know you have heard it before..but you have such an eye for photography and I am so envious.

  8. Gorgeous pictures and cute sayings! My dog loves to add color to every snowy corner in town so I appreciated the “dog pee is warm” photo.

  9. “Snow Shark” – awesome!! I can’t remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but I’ve read it often since and just about every time receive a hearty belly laugh. Thanks for that. The last picture, by the way, is beautiful. Cheers!

  10. Those frozen fingers clearly managed to mash the shutter button quite successfully. Wow, those are some purty snaps. I love the ones where you can see the individual flakes. Just gorgeous.

    (coming to you from balmy North Florida where it is currently a toasty 36 degrees)

  11. It seems to be cold everywhere right now. No snow here in Florida, but i think this is the coldest it’s been since I moved here 15 yrs ago…weird! So much for global warming, lol.

  12. “Summer, On Ice” is my favorite! I made my hubs take a look at all of these – your captions are great! From the land of “What do mean, it’s in the teens tonight?!?”, thanks for seizing the day and then sharing it with us.

  13. I share your hatred of winter and had considered getting a SAD light this year, so I gotta tell you that this year I’ve been taking fermented cod liver oil from Green Pastures, which is jam-packed with Vit. D, and it has helped significantly. I don’t feel the need for a SAD light anymore. Maybe give it a try?

  14. Isn’t it just a LITTLE fun? We love it, but I haven’t gotten out to take many pics this season yet. I’m glad you got some before it’s gone — it IS pretty. I enjoyed your captions. 😀

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