A Nip Here, A Tuck There…

My blog has a brand new face! Whaddaya think? I’m nearabouts in love with it, so don’t go saying anything nasty. If you find any broken links or whatnot, rest assured they will be remedied as soon as My Beloved can get to them; unfortunately he has a “job” that he “has” to “go” to “all week long”, so things like bloggy facelifts take a back seat sometimes.

There are three brand-spankin’ new, rotating header pictures that I think are just spiffy (refresh approximately 406 times to see all three). I took one of them, can you guess which one? Seeing as how I’m IN one of them, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly.

I also have a new tagline. The old “trying to find the mary buried in the martha” just didn’t ring true to me anymore. I want to cut Martha a break. All people seem to remember about her was her harried complaining in one passage. But the truth is that she loved the Lord and understood who He was a far sight before most of His best friends did.

Instead, I’m taking inspiration from The Velveteen Rabbit. I’m trusting that one day I’ll just lose myself in the becoming real and stop being afraid of the pain that sometimes accompanies the transformation. If you’ve never read the book, why are you hanging out here? For heaven’s sake, run straight out and get a copy!

For those of you who are still here, go out and have a spectacular Monday, why don’t you? Give him what-for! Show that sucker who’s boss! Tell him I sent ya!

30 thoughts on “A Nip Here, A Tuck There…”

  1. Love it sissy… really like the pic of you throwing the rock… it really is you in a nutshell. BTW… I want my picture.

    Dude! Let a girl think, willya? I’ll get it to you!

  2. I see a hand in the seashell shot, so I’m guessing that’s the one you took.

    and no… never read that book… *ducks and covers*

    I hope you’re ducking and covering as you run out to the nearest library.

  3. i love those pictures. good choices! but we still need to take another beach trip soon… so we can take a million and a half more pictures… mmmmhmmmmmm… i love the new layout!!

  4. I think your new look is spiffy. I will be honest & say I wish your font was a bit bigger because tiny font is hard to read sometimes, BUT the pictures are bee-u-tee-fulllllll!!!

  5. Ugh! I hate change, even beautiful ones… I’ll get used to your new layout soon enough. It is pretty once I can get over that it’s different.

    Creature of habit,

  6. beutiful! i’m going with the seashells in the hands shot too. it just seems very “you” 🙂 and that book is a favorite here too!

  7. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. I was just about to hit “publish” from commenting on the “be mine” post, when we had a power outage. I thought some bad words, but having children present, refrained from saying them aloud.
    Keep on writing… and let us know how that novel is coming along.

  8. Very, very nice. I like the “becoming real” tag too. And the photos. And well…the whole thing.

  9. I LOVE your new tagline. If I were blogging now, it would be mine. Just another reason that I relate to you so much.

  10. Love the headers – and great way to pump up your stats by telling us that there are 3. What if you said there were 4? Some of us actually *would* refresh 406 times, looking for #4…

    Haha! Dang, if only I still had paying advertisements up! ;o)

  11. Love it! I’m on the picture with you on it right now. Great picture!

    I watched the Velveteen Rabbit a lot as a kid on the movie and once at a play. I liked the story because I also believed that my stuffed animals were alive. I really, really did. But I did not like the sad part in the story (how could you DO that to your RABBIT!?)…so I pretty much boycotted the story as a kid.

    LOL…I believed they were alive, too…really, REALLY. I still wonder when I catch some of these Webkinz giving me a knowing look…

  12. Love the “getting real”! I have made that my theme for the year. Maybe it’s turning 40, maybe it’s God having to tell me the same thing over & over before I get it. All I know is I’m tired of wasting energy on things that just don’t matter.

  13. I refreshed 4 times to see the pics. I like all of them, but the one with you in them is my favorite. Beautiful ocean. Well done, nice new lay-out!

  14. Love the new look, and the picture of you in it is my favorite, too!

    Just one question, any chance the list of the blogs you follow will be coming back once your hubby finishes his tweaking? I’m only asking because I used your blog list to visit other blogs instead of putting all of them in my favorites list (I’m too lazy!!) Certainly don’t do it just for me, OF COURSE, but I’m just wondering……..

    I LOVE your blog!!!

    LOL Patti, my kids were asking the same thing. I had decided to remove the blogroll because it was so severely out of date, but I may release an updated version at some point. My “regulars” are all in my favorites now! Is there anyone in particular I can help you find?

  15. I really and TRULY love it. This is what my blog looks like in my heart. Crisp, clean, uncomplicated. I can never get her to straighten up and behave though, so I’ll just instead spend time over here admiring the view.

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