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I planted some red geraniums in a pot on my porch and tucked some of these daisies in around them. It was so cheerful and bright that it just made me smile to look at it. Then I noticed that the daisies were slowly looking more and more pathetic. Sort of like someone had sat upon them. Then I noticed that one clump was just…gone. And then they just continued to deteriorate.

At first I just thought they were fussy little flowers. I mean, I’ve had plenty of those sorts of flowers, the type that woo you with their siren song at the nursery and then die in approximately 0.4 seconds of getting them home because they didn’t like the new soil you put them in, or the amount of sun, or the amount of water, or the way you were looking at them. But then one morning I saw this.

P1010027 (3)

P1010028 (3)

You can’t actually see the white daisies behind the geranium, but trust me, that’s what she’s chowing down on. Who knew daisies topped the list of favorites on the squirrel buffet? Mystery solved.

I could have been angry that the little buggar had gone and eaten my five or six dollars worth of horticultural sweetness, but seriously. Who could be mad at that face? She’s adorable, and so obviously enjoying herself that I am happy to share.

But I’m planting more geraniums as soon as she’s done.

In other news, a friend pointed out this article to be read in light of the articles sited in my previous post. It’s interesting, and proves that people sure have devoted a lot of time to determining who is happy and who is not. Meanwhile, we all just get on with our lives and do the best we can.

And speaking of happiness, I saw Ironman 2 the other day. I found it highly satisfactory. Actually, I’ve seen it twice now. First I took my best friend to it, and then I took my mother. Anyone else still need to see it? I’ll make the sacrifice and keep you company. No, no…I insist.

Rather than review it myself, here’s a link to a review that pretty much echoes my own sentiments. Isn’t it handy when that happens? Here’s the only part to which I take exception:

“A very small quibble is that there is A LOT of building going on. Tons of hammering, drilling, and sparking. I felt like I was in a FORD truck commercial or the end of an A-Team episode on steroids. So maybe next time, less show and more tell.”

If he’s talking about the Mickey Rourke parts, then okay. But the part where RDJ whips out various sledgehammers, jackhammers, and wrenches and destroys his house in order to create a new element? I have no complaints. And less show and more tell? I don’t even understand what that means.

musclesJust TELL us about the muscles! It would be just as good! Wait. No it wouldn’t.

But speaking of show and tell (all hail the Queen of the Seque), I just want to point out that there are many new things in my Etsy shop these days. And by “new things” I mean “jewelry”. After protesting and whining and kicking and screaming and claiming that I never, ever wanted to learn to make such things, my BFF somehow taught me how anyway. And now I can’t stop. ALL monies go towards helping Kate and Charley go get their girls in the Ukraine this summer. Most of the earrings run a measly $5. Don’t you need a new pair of earrings? Yes, yes, you do!

7 thoughts on “All The Random That’s Fit To Print”

  1. Squirrels…you can have ’em. We have a bazillion in our neighborhood and last year they ate every single tomato, red/green pepper and green bean we planted. Punks. I need to buy a shotgun. Although, I don’t the the HOA would approve of me shotting the squirrels too much. Maybe I should rethink my squirrel-ridding method.

  2. I’m liking that last picture there. I haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, but I plan to as soon as I can! Totally agree, I would rather SEE those muscles for myself than have someone tell me about them!

  3. Your self proclaimed Sherlock buddy has (pause for emphasis) NOT seen IronMan 2 yet, although I’m sure it will be quite delightful, but i HAVE seen Robin Hood, and was wondering if you have seen it yet? I happen to LOVE Robin Hood in any way, shape, or form. I love the book and Eroll Flynn’s version is one of my fav b&w movies. I love swashbucklers – sword fighting and lots of archery, so I was psyched from the first announcement of RHood especially with Russell Crowe. Can I tell you to compeltely ignore all of the reviews and go see it? (It is WONDERFUL!) And just remember what everyone else seems to forget: it is a PREQUEL. I’d love your thoughts as you seem to mimic/mirror my own in many ways. I loved your previous post and would love to ponder and comment more some time. But it is much easier to think about Sherlock and Robin than reality… (And for all you commentors out there: go see it! )

    Have not seen it yet. I think the hubs is going to take some of the kids…I might wait for video…but I’ll see it eventually!

  4. I am totally taking the kids to see IMII this week…like a mini-vacation amidst all the busy-ness going on….can’t wait!

    You remind me to have fun and I treasure you for that!

    Oh yeah…(with imperious know~it~all look on my face) I knew you’d like making jewelry…knew it! And you took it several steps further…so cool!

    Is that what I do? Here I was thinking I was just a bad influence…heh heh…and yes, you saw through my protestations and I’m glad for that!

  5. I so rarely go to the movies at the theatre, but IM2 came out the day before my birthday, so I went to see it. In the theatre, opening day. Wow! I laughed upon the realization that I was sitting there in the middle of the movie wondering when you’d blog about it so I could agree with you that it was great.

    Ah, the mysterious cinematic ties that bind us… ;o)

  6. My husband took me out on a date today. We went to a CineBistro and had dinner and watched Iron Man 2. Really liked it!!

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