Ah, Humble Pie, How Bittersweet You Are!

Pioneer Woman’s latest photography contest “Coming Home” is an absolute…I don’t even know if I can find the words…heart-render. Heart-breaker. Heart-warmer. Heart-over-flower. I’m just sitting here in tears and I have to say that this is why, even though she may sometimes annoy me, I keep coming back for more!

12 thoughts on “Ah, Humble Pie, How Bittersweet You Are!”

  1. Isnt it awesome? We’ll discuss travesty at another time… 🙂 But it’s funny, b/c I’m in agreement with your opinion!

  2. Oh my…those were beyond beautiful…had to look at each picture several time to develop their story in my mind…awesome!!!

  3. okay, so like an hour later…that was a cool set of photos and well, a neat website/blog whatever, and I really need to go to bed if I’m going to function tomorrow…you’re not helping me! 😉

  4. So funny, Jenni! as soon as I was finished crying the other night when I went through the first photos she put up, I thought of you and your PW rant 🙂 The photos really are heart-renders/breakers/warming/over-flowing!

  5. The caption under “design by Nicola” was so touching in Group 3 today! I hope we get lots and lots of groups this time. Isnt it strange how often Memorial Day comes and goes and we dont take wonderful opporunities like this to really contemplate all that has been sacrificed for us – mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, spouses, children – God bless them all this weekend!

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