Fun and Games. Or at Least Games.

Have you ever played “Would You Rather?” It’s a game featuring a series of choices between two equal-yet-different-and-usually-abyssmal scenarios. I thought it might be fun to play my own version of this game right here on the One Thing blog.

What sparked this idea? I’ll give you a hint with the first question.

1. Would you rather: have a three-day migraine, or 50 chigger bites in your bikini area?

I ask, because I have experienced both scenarios in the past week. Actually, I’m still in the midst of the latter one. Every summer I somehow manage to stand in a patch of the most voracious chiggers known to man. Even though I was surrounded by half a dozen other people, no one else was snacked upon with the same intensity. What can I say? I’m tasty.

I would prefer to have the adjective applied to me in a less literal way, but I’ll take what I can get at my age.

So because my mind is increasingly random, I came up with a few more scenarios to entertain myself and, frankly, to keep the agony of itching from driving me completely insane. Here we go…

2. Would you rather: have you left arm torn off by a shark, or your right foot torn off by a bear?

3. Would you rather: clean up a poop explosion, or a vomit volcano?

4. Would you rather: watch a professional boxing match, or a professional wrestling match?

5. Would you rather: Read the Health Care Reform Package, or watch the Twilight series?

haha!!! Okay, so that was mean. But I’m not entirely sure which one would be worse. Sorry.

6. Would you rather: eat a cow’s eyeball, or a sheep’s brain? Raw.

7. Would you rather: be captured by cannibals, or trapped in an elevator with Robert Downey Jr.?

Just seeing if you’re paying attention.

8. ….

sorry. Can’t concentrate now. Meditating on number 7….

8. Ahem! Sorry! Would you rather: Poke your eye with your mascara wand, or jam your toothrush into your gums?

It occurs to me that number 7 might very well be a legitimate question…for Robert Downey Jr, at least…although the two scenarios might be too similar for him to choose between…

Hawhaw! I’m cracking myself up. Almost forgot about the chigger bites.


9. Would you rather: Have to listen to someone talk about themselves for 36 straight hours, or have to talk about yourself for 36 straight hours?

10. Would you rather: Answer all these questions, or come up with 10 of your own?

Well? Well? Wouldya? Couldya? If you come up with 10 of your own, be sure to link it up in the comments! I NEED the distraction!!!

17 thoughts on “Fun and Games. Or at Least Games.”

  1. The things we do for our internet friends … 🙂

    1. I don’t know what a chigger is but I don’t think I’d like it. If the pain/itch? lasts as long as the migraine I’d take the migraine. That said, I’d not be hanging out with my undies off near a bunch of chiggers.
    2. Foot. what a fun thing to consider.
    3. Poop … clean it daily, doesn’t phase me.
    4. Wrestling, for sure.
    5. I’ve read neither, but I guess Twilight would be easier to follow.
    6. Ew! Couldn’t do either.
    7. Yum.
    8. Toothbrush, less visible to the rest of the world.
    9. Listen to someone else, I hate being on the “hot seat” and talking about myself
    10. Answer these, but if I do come up with some lovely questions I’ll post the link.

  2. Oh wow – this post made me burst out in obnoxious laughter multiple times – LOL!

    1. I hate migraines, but I’ve also learned to cope with them to some degree. Chigger bites – I also don’t know what those are, but regardless, it’s probably not too easy to discreetly scratch your bikini area…tough choice! I think I’ll choose the migraine.
    2. Hmmm…I really need both arms and I think a shark would be scarier, so I’ll choose to lose a foot via the bear and maybe get a prosthetic.
    3. Definitely poop. Also a regular occurance around here. 🙂
    4. Definitely boxing. I prefer blood & real fighting to gimics, acting and ridiculous costumes. (I think that’s what you mean by wrestling?? But even if it’s the other kind of wrestling like they do in highschool, that’s even weirder and more awkward to watch)
    5. Oh dear – I’m so anti-vampires-teen angst-demonic hoards, that I don’t think I could make myself do it, so I’d have to choose the Health Care Reform Package.
    6. Cow’s eyeball sounds a lot smaller.
    7. Another burst out loud laugh here!
    8. I’d say toothbrush too – mouth wounds heal quickly.
    9. Listen to someone else.
    10. Answer these, but it could be fun to come up with my own if I find the time. 🙂

    Thanks for the laughs!

  3. 1. I have experienced chiggers (no I don’t wear bikinis…) so would hands down choose a migrain.
    2. Right foot by the bear.
    3. poop explosion.
    4. boxing.
    5. HCRP.
    6. Sheeps brain.
    7. I’ll change the question to: a. captured by cannibals. b. MyBeloved talking or writing about RDJ. I choose the cannibals.
    8. Toothbrush.
    9. Someone else talking.
    10. Answer these questions.

  4. 1. 3-day migraine
    2. right foot by a bear
    3. vomit
    4. wrestling
    5. health care reform
    6. neither…seriously cannot choose between two disgusting options. I’d go hungry.
    7. Robert Downey, Jr.
    8. toothbrush in the gums
    9. someone else talking
    10. answer these questions

  5. Harharhar. I loved Your Beloved’s choosing the cannibals over YOU talking about RDJ. Now THAT is pretty funny. But, since I don’t mind, I would most certainly choose b).

    1. Chiggers are no big deal around here (since that’s where you got the bites in the first place)…and I don’t want to be anywhere near a migraine.
    2. One of my Big Fears is being eaten by any kind of animal…sea or land type.
    So, this is a toughie. I guess the loss of the foot would be easier to cope with (not even considering the emotional trauma and nightmares to follow).
    3. Poop cleanup generally implies babies, so the smell and texture is not nearly so revolting as vomit. Poop definitely.
    4. Boxing, though I can’t stand either one.
    5. I’m sorry, but even “romantic” vampire stories (isn’t that an oxymoron?)would be infinitely preferable to the horrendous blood-sucking governmental package that is – haha – Health Care Reform.
    6. Yeah, I’m with the eyeball thing simply because it’s like one mouthfull…
    similar to an oyster. Can i have spicy seafood sauce with it?
    7. See above
    8. Since I can’t use mascara anymore, I’ll have to go with the toothbrush, even though merely talking about mouth pain makes me go all quivery (is that a word?)
    9. Oh hahahaha. Only you would appreciate this: Give me 36 hours to talk about myself (without interruption I assume?)and you got a deal!
    10. I hope this distracted you enough without me coming up with ten of my own. I could…and would…but they would all be personal I’m afraid…and might be taken the wrong way (ya think?). Nah…better not.

    This was fun!

  6. 1. Migraine. I have had chiggers and it is about the worst itch you can get. And with migraines you can get some Percocet and sleep right through that baby.
    2. Right foot.
    3. I would rather clean up poop for the same reason your mom mentioned. That means there are babies in the house. And the smell of vomit makes me vomit.
    4. I guess wrestling even though they are both terrible. I just really don’t understand either.
    5. Are there Cliff Notes for either one of these?
    6. I guess the eyeball. Maybe it would just slide right down without a whole lot of chewing?
    7. I would only want to be trapped in a elevator with my hubby, sans kids. 🙂
    8. The toothbrush. But both are pretty bad.
    9. Could I have a Percocet and then listen to someone for 36 hours?
    10. I’ll answer the questions!

  7. 1. Chigger bites.
    2. I would pick the shark. It would probably be quicker with not as much saliva and loud noises.
    3. definitely poop.
    4. wrestling, pref. MMA (my husband has me watching these now…not bad!)
    5. I agree they would be equally as bad. So I would go with the Healthcare Reform.
    6. I simply could not. I would not.
    7. caught in an elevator with RDJ
    8. jam my toothrush into my gums
    9. I would rather listen to someone. I might learn something. And I’d feel awkward talking about myself for that long. But I could write about myself for that long…
    10. answer yours!

    I can always count on you for a good laugh. Dh and I were practicing saying “gushage” for a few minutes the other day, LOL

  8. Cow eyeballs are big! Couldn’t do either.

    This game reminded me of long car trips. We used to distract little restless (but verbal) one by asking her opinion questions: Ice cream, or cake?
    Bubbles or bathwater? kittens or puppies? Cookies or raisins?

    That kind of questions. She would happily answer any of these nonsense questions with her choices and be distracted as long as we could come up with them.
    Sometimes it was better than the whine or the “how much longer?” question…..

    If not, we’d sing all the little nonsense songs we could think of. We also once in a fit of desperation (really long car ride with older kids) played “name the TV theme song” on kazzo!

    Anyone for the “alphabet game”??

  9. 1. Chiggers
    2. Shark. “It’s just a flesh wound.”
    3. Poop
    4. Wrestling
    5. Twilight
    6. Brains – I will pretend it is pate.
    7. Elevator w/RDJ
    8. Toothbrush/gums…I’ve experienced both and I consider that less painful.
    9. Listen. I have children, if i get tired of listening I will tune them out and pretend I am paying attention.
    10. Answer

  10. 1. What’s a chigger? Like a flea or tick? I’ll google post-haste.

    2. Bear and foot. I think it would be easier to get through life without one foot rather than without one arm.

    3. Poop. Cleaning vomit makes me vomit. It’s a good thing cleaning poop doesn’t make me need to….

    4. Boxing.

    5. Healthcare reform package.

    6. Sheep’s brain. I’ve eaten calf brains which were mixed in with scrambled eggs on one memorable Easter morning at grandma’s. I survived.

    7. Elevator.

    8. Toothbrush.

    9. I’d talk about myself. I might learn something, and I would be cured of all the blah blah blah me me me junk forever and ever. It looks like there are several commentors on this post who are willing to listen…shall I begin? I was born on a bright June morning in Denver, Colorado.

    10. Answer! I can’t even think of one decent baby name for Mr. Baby, never mind deep deep questions like these. 😉

  11. 1. I have no idea what a chigger is, but the itchist thing I’ve ever experiences was the PUPPS rash I had with my first pregnancy – made me want to rip my skin off with a cheese grater. I’d take the migraine.
    2. Right foot. I need my left arm to carry the baby.
    3. Poop. Like most of the other comments, vomit makes me want to vomit – a particularly bad reaction to have one week after a c-section when the 4yr old got a stomach bug.
    4. Wrestling.
    5. Health care.
    6. Neither. I couldn’t. Ugh.
    7. Elevator.
    8. Mascara, I think.
    9. Someone else. You can tune out when someone else is talking, but I’d run out of things to say if I had to talk about myself.
    10. Answer!

  12. 1. migraine, chiggers keep on itching long after 3 days and people look at you funny if you are scratching yourself:)
    2. the bear one for sure, sharks scare me.
    3. poop explosion, or almost any type of explosion except vomit.
    4. boxing.
    5. twilight.
    6. sheeps brain as i think it would be too hard to get the eyeball cut up into a bite size piece since it rolls around you know?
    7. elevator with robert downey jr would be excrutiating (trying behave and remember that i am happily married, i mean) but i would suffer through it;)
    8. toothbrush for sure
    9. i would rather talk than listen (unless it was robert downey jr) 10.definitely rather answer all these.

  13. 1. Like I told you earlier, I would rather have someone stab me through the hand with a bowie knife than either of these options, but if I HAVE to choose, I’ll go with the three day migraine. Chiggers last for eleventy million zillion days, and pain is far preferable to that kind of intense itching.

    2. I’ll take the bear and lose the foot. If anything ever attacks me from underwater, I think I will probably have a heart attack and drown anyway.

    3. Definitely poop. As others have said, vomit makes me vomit, and I hate vomiting. Poop is just poop. I don’t understand why some people (ahem…hubby dearest…) think it’s so completely awful.

    4. BOXING. Wrestling is ghey.

    5. Health Care. Twilight is gheyer than wrestling.

    6. Raaaawwww?!? Can I cook OTHER things and mix them in with the disgusting rawness? I’m gonna go with the sheep’s brain…for some reason I’m imagining the texture to be more bearable than an eyeball. However, I very much hope I never have to find out.

    7. Cannibals. Hands down.

    8. I think throbbing pain in the gums is better than temporary blindness (and the other injuries that occur because of it…). I choose toothbrush.

    9. It really depends on WHO we’re talking about. Do I have to listen to Obama talk about himself for 36 hours, or somebody awesome like Enoch or Braveheart or Steve Martin? hahaha…I don’t know, really. I’d love to listen to Nana talk about herself for 36 hours. 😉

    10. Come up with 10 of my own! Your questions SUCK!!!

    lol…jkjkjk lolz

    You know, I myself would probably choose cannibals just because I know I would make such a complete and utterly horrific fool of myself. Oh yes. And you know just how bad it would be!

  14. Okay, I can come up with only one, so I’ll put it here.

    Would you rather read ANOTHER post about Charlie from Pioneer Woman, or stick a fork in your eye?

    I know I’d rather stick a fork in my eye. I’m SICK of Charlie. I hope he dies soon so she’ll stop writing about him. Okay, that’s not actually true, but today post about Charlie AGAIN, has sent me over the top and I’ve officially crossed over the line to the “really really dislike Charlie” camp.

    Okay, rant over.

    I just….have no words….except ugh…which isn’t technically a word…

  15. Where do you come up with this stuff, Jenni? I don’t know how you manage to have the brain cells left to think of such creative thoughts, lol…and I can say this because I only have 7 kids and homeschool and have very little brain cell activity left at the end of the day:)

    Ya gotta write early in the day…haw! ;o)

  16. Long time lurker, first time noter. I just wanted to let you know that I miss your writing and I hope everything is ok. You continually inspire me and I enjoy your blog very much.

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