Lo, and stuff

Exterior scene: night. Camera pans slowly over a vast open field of freshly tilled earth. The mournful sound of the wind accompanies the following words:

Many moons have come and gone.

Many seasons have worked their will upon the fabric of time.

The blog, it lieth fallow.

But no more.

Cue sunrise

Behold, the dawn! It approacheth! At long last the weary fingers stretch forth to the keyboard! The spirit of longsuffering mankind revives at the sight! With bated breath the earth awaits the falling of the first word! Oh, blessed be the fallow ground, to receive such auspicious seed, and blessed be the seed, to fall upon such willing and eager soil! What news, what information, what shimmering jewel of inspired thought shall be the first to plant itself upon the consciousness of waiting humanity? A deep breath is gathered and the collective ear is stretched forward, straining to hear that blessed word….






It’s been a while. How the heck are ya?


I’ve been doing some things.

Been a little bit busy, actually, since last June 30th. June 30th?? That’s like, a hundred and million years ago!

I think it would be easier to just show rather than tell. So here goes.





























Christmas '10 093




Christmas '10 042




Christmas '10 046


Christmas '10 075


Christmas '10 047


Christmas '10 077








Whew. That was a lot! So….how about you? Tell me how the last six months have been treating you!






I forgot something?



I don’t know what you’re talking about.

32 thoughts on “Lo, and stuff”

  1. You are a tease of the worst sort. Are you still pregnant or not?!

    If you are, I fully expect a Twitter delivery, girl.

  2. Yay! So glad to see/hear from you! I’ve been checking in occasionally, knowing you’d post again when the time was right. Is it bad that I did a double-take when I saw your post pop up in my reader? 🙂 Looking forward to the next post!

  3. okay seriously. how did a picture of Judah NOT make it on here??

    LOVE the one of the egg. did Miriam do that?

  4. Ditto to what RLR said! I’ve been thinking of/praying for you! Glad you are back, and yeah, um, you did forget something, but in your own time. =) You have been and will continue to be worth waiting for, blog-wise, anyway!

  5. You know, I had a premonition…no, wait! It was a Holy Spirit thing, yeah, that’s it. I was just about to head to bed and I thought “I wonder if…” And even though I hadn’t checked OneThing in months, I clicked it on and…LO AND BEHOLD!! There you were! (here ensues unmitigated glee!…and lots of exclamation points!!!!!) The photos are dandy, but I (and many others) look forward to tomorrow’s installment. I can’t imagine what the subject might be; and btw, you are really mean making people wait like that.But as a proud grandma, I can only say it will be worth it! Carry on.

  6. Yahoo! Your back but I really hope that you update tomorrow. I need to know…. Please please pretty please let us know what we all really want to know.

  7. You are such a tease!!!! What? You know very well what we’re talking about! But we’ll wait … we’ve been waiting … we’re a very patient bunch. Can’t even tell you how happy I was to see that you posted again. ~chris

  8. Oh girl, I so needed to hear something today… and here you are. Thank you for coming back!

    Oh, and ahem. Baby. Pictures. Now. 😉

  9. Finally! Good grief! What took so long! You’ve had a lot of people asking to have you back. I’ve got quite tired of people harrasing me to get you back!

    You have been missed… seriously… I’m VERY happy to see you back. You’re still my favs!

  10. Seeing your post in my blog roll made my day! I’ve been praying for you and your family. Your kids are beautiful- I’ll be looking forward to your next post!

  11. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = D
    Welcome back, Jenni!!!! I’ve been missing your posts!!!!!
    (And for the record, I did not harass — I only stalked.) ; )

  12. It is good to see you have returned. With my fertile imagination I had decided you were not posting because you were either a) in prison or b) a psych ward. Looks like you were just busy growing a baby and having a lot of fun. I was so looking forward to the queen of the ward/cellblock stories, but this is cool too.

    And those lovely vacation photos are from _______? I want to go there!

  13. Looks like you have had lots of fun. So glad you are back!
    I got a new laptop and never signed up for your feed on it, but tonight I was on the old laptop, took a peek at my feeds to see YOU! Yippee!!!

  14. Woo hoo! Delighted all is well. Your little one is oh so adorable! Good to have you back Slug Lady:0). love, sue

  15. Wow, just wow. You are back and I am so happy. Much has happened to me since June, but not good stuff, so I will not bore you. I too have been checking, a lot to see if you had resumed posting and have been praying for you and your great family.

  16. I just love the cat in the picture of the eleven kids on the stairs. Her sideways glance is as if she is saying ‘I’m the only one who knows what’s ‘really’ going on…!’

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