Top Ten Tuesday–the “Don’t Wanna/Don’t Hafta” version

Top Ten Things I Don’t Do Anymore Because Life Is Too Short

1. Make my bed (there’s usually a soft squishy small person in it, anyway, which makes getting the blankets smooth a little difficult)

2. Iron (spritz with water. hang up. the end)

3. Argue with buttheads (including that little voice inside my head)

4. Resist buying a magazine when I want one (oh, glossy pages, how I love you)

5. Fold Underwear (My butt is wrinkled anyway, now my undies match!)

6. Drive the speed limit (HAHAHA! oh who am I kidding, I’ve never done that)

7. Worry about what people I don’t even know think of me.

8. Cross Stitch

9. Fill in all the blanks (I couldn’t think of anything for #9. Can you grasp the irony here?)

10. Blog obsessively (but then, you knew that, didn’t you?)

Got some things you learned to “just say no” to? For the simple reason that life is just too dang short to worry about it? Spill it! Feel free to borrow the Top Ten Squid button if’n you wish. And leave me a link, or a list in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday–the “Don’t Wanna/Don’t Hafta” version”

  1. Post replies on blogs. 🙂 JK! It popped into my head so fast, I just had to, uh, post it. I was actually reading along, agreeing with you on all of them except the magazine thing – they just don’t have a siren song for me – and I do still fold the undies but it’s just in half so not really much effort. I would add dusting to the list. Once every 2-3 years or so I’ll give things a once over, but otherwise, I just thank the good Lord I don’t have allergies, and move along with life. I did like cross-stitching, so I wish I had time to do it again.

    I did “enjoy” cross stitching when I did it…in a mad, frenetic, OCD type of way…sigh…

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