The Time Has Come

The blog will self-destruct in one week. I have waited for direction in what to do with One Thing for a long time now, and I believe it is time to close up shop. It has been the source of a lot of joy (and probably equal parts angst) over the years to me as I have alternately wrestled with big stuff and laughed about little stuff. I hope it has blessed a few people along the way, but I no longer see myself as someone who can keep up with the tap-dance anymore.

I will still be writing, but this time it will be less snap-crackle-pop and more of a slow burn. You can find me here.

Thank you for the support and encouragement over the past five years. It’s been fun.



12 thoughts on “The Time Has Come”

  1. I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I just wanted to share again what your blog has meant to me:

    It has been almost 3 years since you shared with me (via SortaCrunchy’s blog) the radical thought (it was to me at the time) that children are blessings. What you said pierced my post-partum depression and rang with Truth. Not long after that I gave my motherhood over to God, something it had never occurred for me to do. You planted the very first seed that many others have watered and fed along the way and led me to a life of real joy- reveling in God’s blessings.
    In a few short weeks I will give birth to our third child- our first child received in faith and submission to God. What a blessing!

    Thank you again. I have enjoyed all of your posts over the last few years and prayed for you and your family often. I am sure you all will remain on my prayer list for many many years to come. God bless you.

  2. I have loved your writings and waited for each new entry, even if it was over a year. =) I would love it if you found a way to just leave what you have already written in an accessible form. Your writings have blessed me and I have gone back to read your past entries! Your birth stories and realness in struggle and life have been especially helpful for me!

    I look forward to your new blog! Much grace to you and your family. I’m so grateful for you and your writings!

  3. I am so sad. Your posts, no matter how plentiful or few, were always a treasure. I understand not wanting to put in the effort to post – it is amazing how much time that really takes – but it would be a shame to delete everything already posted. 🙁

  4. seriously?! ok, i get it. lots of kids and all, however – you’re a VERY talented and inspirational writer. just sayin’

  5. Your writting here has been inspirational to say the least. And, I too, have smiled whenever I saw a post … even if it was months in the making. Thank you for gifting us with your words here. I will miss what is here, but I’ve been following the other since you linked to it a couple posts ago 😉 VERY relatable. I’ve been forwarding many of those posts to my hubby as well. I so appreciate your continued honesty as it speaks to right where I am. And I remain encouraged and challenged by your gift of words.

  6. I will miss you!! :'( Very few bloggers that i LOVE – and you were a true encouragement to me when I suffered a miscarriage 1 1/2 years ago b/c of a blighted ovum – perhaps I can stay in touch via email every once in a blue moon…God bless you and your family.

  7. Well, stink. 🙁 But I’m glad you’re not completely abandoning ship… I’ll look forward to your writing on the other site!

  8. So sorry to see you go Jenni. Your writing has ministered to me over the years. Just enough time to reread your birth stories!

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