A Poem, a Winner, and a Thank You

Submitted for your amusement…a poem by my eldest, whose baby is non-stop movement and exploration:


adventures in babydom

Mommy peacefully sitting, knitting. Blissfully unaware. 

Baby playing quietly, happily. Without a care. 

Mommy looks down

At Baby’s concentrated frown

Smiles tenderly. 

Hears a small *crunch*

Baby thinks “lunch!”

Until Mommy shrieks impressively.

A scuffle ensues

Mommy won’t lose

As Baby tries to hide his prize.

But junebug legs

And junebug head

Cannot escape her horrified eyes.


Now Baby cries.


The winner of the “Be Mine” letters is Kris, comment number 11! Congratulations, Kris. Also, a huge thank you to all who entered and said such encouraging things…may you all have a blessed Sunday!