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Life is busy. February is soggy. Children are growing. Thoughts percolating. Too many ideas, too little time. Le Sigh. Meanwhile, enjoy these fine meats and cheeses links.

Feeling like a failure? Yeah, me too. This post ministered to me!

A book I am reading and enjoying immensely.

A book I am curious to read (have you? any thoughts?)

Something really damn funny. Unless you have a sense of humor that is not walking the line between abherrent and completely deranged.*

This is a man with an incredible vision and a beautiful heart. I love his work and his passion.

And…a blog that encapsulates all that I wrestle with.

*this post is totally clean. The rest of the blog is RAYOR. It’s hilarious, but often irreverent and, occasionally, completely gross.


Have I ever told you that I read magazines backwards? And the last page of a new book first?

You could say that I’m terrible at surprises. Or impatient. Or maybe just dumb.

In any case, we peeked into the womb yesterday, and discovered that I am carrying our fourth boy in a row. I suffered a momentary pang, simply because it has been 8 years since girly daintiness came to visit, all afresh and pink, and seriously, I had the perfect name picked out!

Short-lived and very silly, these preferences we decide we have. Baby was beautiful and wiggly, smiling and waving, and I’m so happy he’s come to be. Who could begrudge a baby his gender? You’d have to be crazy.

Unfortunately, the world is crazy. Today I read this post, and it shattered my heart.

The other day I read this post, and it was equally as shattering.

Don’t read these posts if you want to continue in apathetic contentment. Don’t read these posts if you don’t want to change. I understand. Change is hard, and painful. Growth blazes new pathways in the brain and tears tissue in order to rebuild it stronger, but we need to be stronger. 

If we are to fight the insanity of this world, we need to be stronger.

Special Needs

One of my dearest online friends has what I consider to be some of the most exciting news EVER. She and her husband are planning to expand their fabulous family of seven beautiful children to include two precious girls from the Ukraine. 

The obstacles one faces when adopting are daunting, but to say that Kate and her husband Charley are no strangers to daunting situations would be putting it mildly. In their parenting journey they have faced obstacles that would have had most average mortals wailing in self-pity and crippled by fear.

To state that Kate and Charley are not average mortals would also be putting it mildly. They meet challenges head-on and with a tenacity and faith that I have honestly never seen before in anyone I have ever known.

The girls they are adopting have special needs of their own, and I know that there could not be a better family for them to grow up in. Kate, Charley, and the kids have fallen completely in love with them. You can read all about their journey to adopt at their adoption blog.

Would you like to help bring these precious girls home? Obviously everyone knows that adoption is costly, and there is no denying that this is a plea for funding. But even if you cannot give a dime, would you consider putting up Kate’s blog button on your own site so that others may become aware of the opportunity?

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Most importantly, would you pray? Pray for direction, wisdom, and for patience. Pray for red tape to be swiftly navigated and for efficiency in the most unlikely of places: national governments.

Thank you!

Please go read this now

My friend Laura is pretty new to the blogosphere, but she has a gift for writing and makes me both laugh and sigh with regularity. She has written a simply beautiful post about true love here. What a rare thing it is.


ps. Thank you for all the clothing suggestions! I will definitely post pics of whatever I find that makes me look the least moose-like.