Do NOT go see the movie “Julie and Julia”…



You hate food.


You hate eating.


You hate dreams.


You hate dreams coming true.


You hate humor.


You hate love stories.


You hate writing.


You hate books.


You hate movies based on true stories.


You hate sweet relationships between married couples.


You hate movies without explosions.


You hate character development.


You hate getting your money’s worth at the theater.


You hate France.


You hate Stanley Tucci.


You hate Meryl Streep.


You hate excellent acting.


You hate watching people cook.


You hate Julia Child.


You have no heart.


If you do not fall into any of the above categories, then by all means, get thee to the nearest theater and see this fine film. It was so thoroughly satisfying to me that I went with my two older girls, came home and immediately dragged my husband to it (he liked it too).