A Poem, a Winner, and a Thank You

Submitted for your amusement…a poem by my eldest, whose baby is non-stop movement and exploration:


adventures in babydom

Mommy peacefully sitting, knitting. Blissfully unaware. 

Baby playing quietly, happily. Without a care. 

Mommy looks down

At Baby’s concentrated frown

Smiles tenderly. 

Hears a small *crunch*

Baby thinks “lunch!”

Until Mommy shrieks impressively.

A scuffle ensues

Mommy won’t lose

As Baby tries to hide his prize.

But junebug legs

And junebug head

Cannot escape her horrified eyes.


Now Baby cries.


The winner of the “Be Mine” letters is Kris, comment number 11! Congratulations, Kris. Also, a huge thank you to all who entered and said such encouraging things…may you all have a blessed Sunday!

Once again, with feeling

My legs are hairy,
My attitude scary,
I’ve gained a pound or ten.


The wind is howling
and I am growling
at the cubs inside my den.


Too far away
the bright, green day–
it is a fading dream.


I want to sink;
to sleep, not think,
until the dawn of spring


I’m tired, it’s bleak,
the winter speaks
and recommends my fate.


the bear in me
is plain to see;
I need to hibernate.


(originally published Dec 2008)

Ode To Green Stuff

Green stuff so fluffy

oh green stuff so fair

you’re sweeter than sweetness

you’re lighter than air!


Pineapples and ‘mallows

cool whip and pudd

my salivary glands

think you’re more than good


You’re not boef bourguignon

you’re not coq au vin

but calling you white trash

would be hateful and mean


Though Julia and Martha

would turn up their noses

You’re fairer to me

than red wine and roses.


Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with delectable delights both refined and lowbrow!


You’ve heard my silliness…now here’s a little exhortation… 


Thou that hast giv’n so much to me,

give one thing more, a grateful heart…

Not thankful, when it pleaseth me

as if Thy blessings had spare days

But such a heart, whose pulse may be

Thy praise.

~George Herbert


I envy eighty.

Even more, ninety.

Creases on hands, on face…on heart.

Signs of time

well-spent in living.


I envy races

with end in sight;

no longer run

to beat and conquer

but run

to finish

and find rest.


I envy books

nearly read;

lopsided pages

thin as a whisper against back cover

and turned

with trembling anticipation.


I envy winter

and soft snow falling;

bring quiet to chaos

no more striving

no more building

no more blooming

no more growing


only sleeping.

Romans 7:19




You look


and see all the ways


you might have gone


could have gone


should have gone


didn’t go.


you wonder

did you miss









you wonder

how did you get so far

from where you thought you’d be

those twenty years ago

and is it good to veer?


or is it bad?


or is it just the way it is?


so many things

i thought i’d be.

so much i thought

i’d be over.




done with.


with a sigh of satisfaction


and a clap of dusty hands


put the bitter behind me.


yet it clings

and drags

and sinks in teeth

and i hate it.

i hate it.


but not enough,




Where do you run

when it’s yourself you want to escape

Where can you hide

where you won’t think to look

How do you lose

the shadow that’s your own

Don’t want to see it

don’t like its shape.


Pretend it isn’t there

stay busy, ignore it,

Pretend you just don’t care

try to detour it.


How do you be

the person you’ve always been

when everything changes

especially within

Who is the woman

looking back at me

the one whose heart is breaking

who is she?

Cynicism: Weapon of Choice for Literary Cowards

Love Lightly


Love lightly…if you love at all
tread cautiously; avoid the fall
Why plunge when you can dabble, dip
and stay secure from fatal slip?

Hold tightly to your armored lance
don’t make the charge, do not advance
Attune yourself to any twinge
should passion push beyond the fringe

A heart in love lays raw, exposed,
susceptible to friend or foe
A glancing blow is quite enough
to warn against the stronger stuff.

Yet love is but a wily jade
and tests both moat and barricade
And steals in softly through the chink
to push you cruelly off the brink

Then laughs to see you flounder there
asphyxiating in your cares
And terrified of what may come
to those whose love you have succumbed

Much wiser, then, to stand apart
and leave the risk to stronger hearts
Remain aloof; your love your own

Safe on the shore

          and all alone.


tonight i drove
windows down
through fields of pale green
thick juicy scent
of springtime
enveloping me
and I hurtled
70 miles an hour

i raised my hand
in worship
to touch You
trying to touch You
i crested the hills
and felt i might fly
straight into Your arms

(i didn’t)

i drove home
tear tracks down my face
God-plaster filling the cracks
in my heart
You hold me together
all these pieces
these scattered pieces
never leave Your palm

i chose You
when i was tiny
i choose You
You chose me
i don’t know why
but there it is

Thank You