The Shrubyubs, #8

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The Shrubyubs
By Jordan







Egad! What next? Tune in next Sunday to find out!

The Shrubyubs, #6

The saga of the Shrubyubs continues…catch up on the action here




The Shrubyubs
By Jordan











Who is this strange blue creature? Why does it have the wand? Who were the mysterious rescuers in the last comic? Will the Shrubyubs ever find a new home?

More Shrubyubs every Sunday! Stay tuned!

The Shrubyubs #3

Catch the Shrubyub Phenomenon Train*! This series brought to you by the amazing technicolor imagination of my sixth-born. All the ideas are her own, and the artwork is via Windows Paint program.


Shrubyubs #1

Shrubyubs #2


*metaphorically speaking. there is not, at this time, to my knowledge, an actual shrubyub train. 




The Shrubyubs

By Jordan


Sorry the comic was up a bit late, friends. Sunday keeps sneaking up on me! Tune in next Sunday for the continuing saga…