Top Ten Tuesday–the “Don’t Wanna/Don’t Hafta” version

Top Ten Things I Don’t Do Anymore Because Life Is Too Short

1. Make my bed (there’s usually a soft squishy small person in it, anyway, which makes getting the blankets smooth a little difficult)

2. Iron (spritz with water. hang up. the end)

3. Argue with buttheads (including that little voice inside my head)

4. Resist buying a magazine when I want one (oh, glossy pages, how I love you)

5. Fold Underwear (My butt is wrinkled anyway, now my undies match!)

6. Drive the speed limit (HAHAHA! oh who am I kidding, I’ve never done that)

7. Worry about what people I don’t even know think of me.

8. Cross Stitch

9. Fill in all the blanks (I couldn’t think of anything for #9. Can you grasp the irony here?)

10. Blog obsessively (but then, you knew that, didn’t you?)

Got some things you learned to “just say no” to? For the simple reason that life is just too dang short to worry about it? Spill it! Feel free to borrow the Top Ten Squid button if’n you wish. And leave me a link, or a list in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday: The Beach Edition


Top Ten Properties I Would Buy If Money Was No Object

10. Kauai, Hawaii: This looks like a promising spot…and only $5,450,000!





9. Cabo San Lucas: This home is available for “fractional ownership”…for about $750,000 you get at least 5 weeks out of the year to use it. Just give me the whole thing for $3,750,000, mmkay? Thanks. 




8. Oregon Coast: Here we have almost 10 acres with an amazing view of the Pacific. For just $3,499,000, it would be my cute little summer home.




7. Grand Cayman, BVI: If I had a cool 3 Million bucks burning a hole in my pocket, I’d totally buy this exquisite home on the island of Grand Cayman in the Caribbean.




6. Belize: Now this is just ridiculous. For a mere $1,625,000 I could live here!




5. New Zealand: I can’t grab photos of this one, so you’ll have to click here to take a look at it. I also can’t tell you how much it costs because it’s “price upon request,” but hey, I said money was no object, so it don’t really matter none, now, do it?

4. California: By golly, I said money was no object and I meant it! So for 29 (twenty. nine.) million dollars (MILLION. DOLLARS.), I could have this beauty in Carpenteria.





3. On second thought, if I’m going to spend millions upon millions of dollars, I really think maybe I ought to at least be somewhere slightly more exotic than California. Like the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean, where I can have this gem for just 12 million.





2. Did I say exotic? I’m not sure it gets much more exotic than Bora Bora, so here’s a villa with a main house, a guest house, and a guard house. It also comes with a boat, a lagoon runner, and a jet ski. Who wants to call and request the price? Let me know what you find out as soon as you come to.





1. Oh, forget it. What I really want is my own private island. Like this one in Fiji.



But enough mindless dreaming. I’m off to do something constructive with my time.

Like buy a few lottery tickets.


Top Ten Tuesday: The Angry Edition


Top Ten Things That Fill Me With Mindless, Irrational Rage

10. Stubbing my toe: My eyes turn red, the room goes dim, and I cannot be held responsible for what comes out of my mouth.

9. Geometry: “prove it. Prove It! PROVE IT!!!”  I have a better idea. How ’bout you shove it?

8. Power Outages: maybe more terror than anger most of the time, but it depends on what gets shut off, and in the middle of what.

7. Being cold: When I’m cold, I would happily slice something open and plunge into intestinal goo if it meant getting warm. Keep your Tauntauns away from me.

6. People Who Chew Loudly: How is it possible to make so much noise, even when your mouth is shut?

5. Blurry Photos: How do they even get onto my camera’s memory card? I’m sure *I* don’t take them!

4. My current town: Massive, mostly unwarranted ego. ‘Nuff said.

3. Careless grocery packers: Just let me pack my own. It will keep me out of jail.

2. When the radio station plays ONE SONG until I hate it with the burning, fiery passion of a thousand suns, even though I started out liking it.

1. Anything with Nicholas Sparks’ name on it

This was harder than expected because I kept thinking of things that legitimately deserved my hunka-hunka burnin’ rage. Things like “people who con little old ladies” or “rednecks who run over critters on purpose.” It’s harder to think of things that are truly irrational. What are your senseless-anger triggers? Play along so I can feel less like a psycho!

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Things That Hold Some Sort of Strange, Mystical Obsession For Me

(in completely random order)

1. Baby Hands: Most people cite the teeny tootsies as the most noshable area on a baby. I find the hands so irresistible it borders on neurotic.

2. Office Supplies: This probably isn’t too uncommon, but it doesn’t make it any less strange. What is up with us Staples-stalkers?

3. Glossy Magazines: Like a moth to a flame, folks. Like a moth to a flame.

4. Old Houses: The way they smell. The way they look. The stories they tell. The skeletons they hide. The bloodstains that just won’t scrub away. Okay, maybe not so much on that last one.

5.  Patterned Paper: Scrapbook paper. Wallpaper. Paper paper. Doesn’t matter. It all makes me swoony.

6. Greeting Cards: If I’m going to Hallmark, don’t expect me back for at least 3 hours. I will read every single card in the store. It’s a sickness.

7. Stuffed Animals: None of my kids care much for them, and yet we are overrun. My secret is out. I buy them for myself.

8. Organizational Tools: Maybe I buy office supplies just so I can buy boxes and baskets to put them all in.

9. Adrian Monk: He’s adorable. Tell me I’m not alone. Go on, I dare you.


10. The Cheezburger Network: Why is it impossible for me to look at just ONE page on almost ANY of their sites? Please, someone explain this phenomenon.

Top Ten Tuesday: The Sherlock Edition


Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons to Own the

Sherlock Holmes Movie, Which Goes On Sale Today


10. The bad guy. Lord Voldemort Blackwood. He’s so over the top bad. And by bad I mean good. Or good at being bad. Or something.


9. The humor. I mean, there are some parts that are fuuuuuunnny.


8. I’m not normally a fan of megaexplosions, but this one was truly magnificent.


7. You knew it was coming…wait for it…


6. So I’m a girl, okay? But even I got into this.


5. We’ve established that I’m a girl. So this one might make more sense…


4. But then there’s this…


3. And to balance it out…


2. Remember the difference between hawt and cute?


1. BUT the NUMBER ONE reason to OWN Sherlock Holmes, the best movie of 2009, is this:

I’m giving away a copy.

If you would like a chance to win this new, unwrapped, pristine copy, just leave me a comment.

I never make you jump through hoops, you know.

I hope you appreciate that.

 Giveaway ends at the stroke of midnight (Oklahoma time) on Friday night.

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Ways to Help Two Sweet Girls


Today for Top Ten Tuesday I’m outlining the top ten ways you can help bring two lovely Ukrainian girls home to their new family.

10. Make a straight-up donation to the Parker family adoption fund here via paypal.

9. Buy some coffee.

8. Send a check or money order to Reece’s Rainbow, PO Box 4024, Gaithersburg, MD 20885. Please specify that your gift is for “Vivienne/Laura for the Parker Family”.

7. Bookmark or subscribe to Kate’s adoption blog so you can check in regularly and find out new ways to help!

6. Come back HERE tomorrow (here, as in, right here, my ownty-own blog, the one you’re currently staring at) to find another way to donate, and possibly win a great prize!

5. Buy something from my shop! I’m donating 50% of all my sales to the Parker family until their babies are home. OR, buy something from my friend Sarah’s shop! She’s donating 100% of her sales to the Parkers!

4. Remember that you CAN make a difference, no matter how small you think your gift might be. Remember Luke 21:1-3, and also John 6:9-13. God is pleased with even the smallest effort, and He is the King of Multiplication!

3. Pray for the Parker family. Pray for their adoption fund, but also pray that the Lord prepares Kate, Charley, and their 7 children for the arrival of their new sisters!

2. Pray for Vivienne and Laura. Pray for their health and safety, and for the quick slicing of governmental red tape and a facilitation of the adoption process!

1.  Purchase a chance to win this jewelry!



This beautiful jewelry was handmade by my dear friend and soul sister, Sarah. It has been made ‘specially for this event! The jewelry is made from sterling silver and swarovski crystals in the colors of the sea. A stamped “Blessed” charm centers the bracelet and is a perfect reminder of our status as children of God.


For just $5 you can purchase a chance to win the set (bracelet and earrings); ALL money will go directly to Kate and Charley’s adoption fund via Paypal. Just click the “chip-in” button to make your donation and then leave me a comment to tell me that you did so! If you donate $10, or $15, or so on, your entries into the giveaway will also multiply by the same 1:5 ratio.

I’m sorry I just tried to do math in front of you. You shouldn’t have had to see that.

 The winner will be picked from all contributors in one week, on the 2nd of March! And be sure to come back tomorrow to take part in another fun giveaway! 

(by way of explanation, the Chipin button takes you to a paypal site, which lists MY email beneath the fundraiser name. That is simply because I’m using my own Chip-in account for the fundraiser; Kate’s paypal account is the one all donations are going into, which is listed just below that! I thought that might look a little strange to some…)

Top Ten Tuesday: The Sensible Edition


A couple of weeks ago I bought this mug at a Hallmark store because it made me laugh:

P1010001 (4)

When drinking my morning coffee, I reach for it first. It’s my favorite. And in its honor, I give you:

Top Ten Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me

10. Science

9. Math

8. Finances

7. How a toddler who lives on dust specks and yoghurt can consistently produce bowel movements the size of Haystack Rock

it’s just disturbing, is what it is…

6. How men get better looking as they age, and women…notsomuch


4. How someone like Toby Mac can produce a song as truly horrible as track 4 on his new album. And how seemingly sensible people can say it’s great

3. The fact that my own sister won’t read my blog

2. Caffeine being legal

1. How two completely average people can produce offspring that surpass all established norms for beauty, while stunning people…well…you know.

wanna play? link it up in the comments, baby!

Top Ten Tuesday: The Nostalgia Edition


The Top Ten Days I Would Revisit If I Had a Space/Time-Bending Wheel Thingy Like On LOST



(wouldn’t it just be so handy?)


1. The first day I saw the ocean.



2. Any day in 5th grade that I stayed home sick and got to lay on the couch, watch The Price Is Right and be pampered by my Mommy.

price is right


3. My first day of 7th grade, when I met my BFF.

P1010005 (2)


4. Any Thursday in 8th grade spent watching FAME after jazz class at the abovementioned BFF’s house.

oh bruno


5. Any day in the 3 weeks of 9th grade leading up to my family and I moving overseas.



6.The day in 10th grade that I met my husband.


7. The day in 11th grade that he kissed me.



8. My first day of college.



9. This day in Oregon 3 years ago.



10. Any ordinary day when my children were all 10 and under.



(note: i did not include my wedding, my children’s birth-days, nor my grandson’s birth-day. those days are “givens”, not to mention they would take up all ten spots and then some.)

Got some days you’d re-live? Leave me a comment, or a link!

Top Ten Tuesday: The Food Edition



Top Ten Foods I Would Totally Make Out With, If Making Out With Food Was Even Remotely Possible

10. Salted Milk Chocolate Caramels

oh my (don’t forget to enter the giveaway if you haven’t already!)

9. Crepes with lemon butter and powdered sugar.

help me

8. Crab Linguini Alfredo

come to mama

7. P.F. Chang’s Crispy Green Beans with that sauce that makes me all tingly

slaver, slobbercredit

6. Garlic Naan


5. Garlic Sea Scallops and Shrimp from Bonefish Grill

4. A really good, warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie


3. Coffee


Is it a food? Or is it a drug? Either way, I’m not sure it should be legal.

2. Bacon Gouda Breakfast Sandwich from Starbucks

oh baby, oh babycredit

1. Ham and Cheese Calzone from La Gondola Restaurant in Stavanger, Norway.

This item no longer exists. The restaurant no longer exists. Except in my imagination, where I swear I can still taste it just as clearly as when I was a pudgy teenager drowning my expat sorrows in Italian food made by Asian hands in a Scandinavian country. Weird. But also sublime.

 Got ten foods that make you want to have their babies? Take Mr. Squidly, link up in comments, or just come on our and spill it, ya sicko! Confession is good for the soul, they say.

(is anybody else suddenly STARVING TO DEATH? maybe it’s just me…)

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Things I Would Like To Be If I Could Not Be A Homosapien


10. Bunny Rabbit.

Pros: So adorable it makes me giddy.
Cons: Considered tasty by many. Only defense is running, which by necessity involves a lot of rapid motion.

9. Eagle.

Pros: Duh, they can fly. Also, they’re protected, and badass.
Cons: They look arrogant, and I imagine they are lonely on account of the badassishness. Also, I’m afraid of heights.

8. Arabian Horse.

Pros: I already have the crazy long neck. They’re worth, like, zillions of dollars, and get to wear pretty jewelry.
Cons: I don’t especially like jewelry. Or sheiks.

7. Octopus.

Pros: Lives in the ocean. Eight arms for multitasking.
Cons: Hunted, eaten. Considered “icky” by many.

6: Coral.

Pros: Again, the ocean thing. Also beautiful. Valued. Protected.
Cons: One kick from a panicky, albeit admiring, snorkeller and you’re toast.

5. Grizzly Bear.

Pros: Sleeps all winter. Gives birth and never even wakes up. Feared and respected on account of being able to tear someone’s head off with one flick of the wrist.
Cons: Fleas. Ticks. Chiggars.

4. Panda Bear.

Pros: Protected and revered. Also blowing the lid off the cute-o-meter.
Cons: Endangered. Dwindling habitat. Sexual habits scrutinized by world.

3. Giant Redwood.

Pros: Admired by many. Really tall. Live for thousands of years.
Cons: Carpenter ants. Ew. Also, they live for thousands of years.

2. Dust Mite.

Pros: People don’t even know when you’re there. Pretty much indestructable.
Cons: Eat flakes of skin. Nightmarishly hideous.

1. Driftwood.

Pros: Free ocean cruises. Valued by artists, and birds needing a place to rest their feet. Non-sentient. Never consumed with worry about things they can’t change. 
Cons: none.