It’s Friday! And that’s reason enough to share with you these two videos of my Cowboy X. He’ll be two in just two months, and I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that.

Enjoy! And please do not notice the part where my baby almost pokes his eye clean out with an IKEA treat-cone-thingy leftover from Valentine’s Day, mkay? Thanks. Also, if you have a severe aversion to slobber/drool/things that cascade out of toddler’s mouths, you might wanna skip the first one. Although it is quite amusing.

Ya Don’t Say?

My baby, Cowboy X, or Gem-Gem-Gemmy-Gem, or Mr. Baby, or ManCub, or HoneyBear, or FatBoy, or Roley Poley Pudding, or any number of other inane and potentially humiliating nicknames, likes to talk. He is A Talker. And I must say, when he gets going, I’m liable to fall right over from an overdose of The Cuteness.


Cuteness, as you may not be aware, emits an exceedingly dense and volatile chemical that interferes with our brain’s ability to form legitimate human speech, or to speak in anything resembling normal tones.


The other day I enlisted some help from my oldest son to try to get this enchanting bit of loquaciousness on film, since I was afraid I’d, you know, fall over and damage the video camera if I tried it myself. Oldest son managed to capture the moment successfully before succumbing to the excessively high levels of adorability himself.


It would be much safer to have ugly children, but I’ve never been able to accomplish that.


If this works, it means I have been triumphant in my first ever attempt at uploading a video clip to YouTube. There may be no stopping me, folks. Who knows what I’ll do next? I just may figure out the settings on my 2 year old cell phone!


Or not.


(sorry it’s so dark…I’m determined to do better next time!)