A Nip Here, A Tuck There…

My blog has a brand new face! Whaddaya think? I’m nearabouts in love with it, so don’t go saying anything nasty. If you find any broken links or whatnot, rest assured they will be remedied as soon as My Beloved can get to them; unfortunately he has a “job” that he “has” to “go” to “all week long”, so things like bloggy facelifts take a back seat sometimes.

There are three brand-spankin’ new, rotating header pictures that I think are just spiffy (refresh approximately 406 times to see all three). I took one of them, can you guess which one? Seeing as how I’m IN one of them, you have a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly.

I also have a new tagline. The old “trying to find the mary buried in the martha” just didn’t ring true to me anymore. I want to cut Martha a break. All people seem to remember about her was her harried complaining in one passage. But the truth is that she loved the Lord and understood who He was a far sight before most of His best friends did.

Instead, I’m taking inspiration from The Velveteen Rabbit. I’m trusting that one day I’ll just lose myself in the becoming real and stop being afraid of the pain that sometimes accompanies the transformation. If you’ve never read the book, why are you hanging out here? For heaven’s sake, run straight out and get a copy!

For those of you who are still here, go out and have a spectacular Monday, why don’t you? Give him what-for! Show that sucker who’s boss! Tell him I sent ya!