Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

I have the strangest sense of deja-vu….I have presents to wrap, and floors to mop, and children to bathe, and cheeseballs to fabricate, and cookies to decorate…



Tappity, tappity, tappity, tap…oh, shut up, list and presents and floors and unassembled-cheese-ball-components. CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BLOGGING?

Now I remember what it used to take to do this: hip, hip, hooray for denial and avoidance!

So yesterday I went with My Beloved to the “big city”, where we cheated death at least 4 times (that we know of) as we navigated around white-knuckled drivers with their eyeballs spinning in opposite directions from each other, singing IT’S THE MOST! WONDERFUL TIME! OF THE YEEEEEAR!! and we bought all kinds of Christmas essentials like candy canes and grapefruit and tea and dates and bully sticks and cat food and Larabars and…

What do you mean, bully sticks are not Christmas essentials?

I’ll have you know our dogs find them extremely festive.

If you don’t know what a bully stick is, consider yourself lucky. Do NOT google it! No! Don’t do it!!!!! Save yourself and the purity of your mind!

You did it, didn’t you? And now you’re scarred for life. You never listen to me.

Speaking of things that will scar you for life, check out this link. It’s my darling brother’s blog. No, not that brother, the other brother. This particular brother has the distinction of being able to make me laugh harder than any other human on earth. His blog is full of helpful information that is sure to enrich your life and fill your heart with holiday cheer.*

Speaking of holiday cheer, do you own the Toby Mac Christmas CD? Because if you don’t, there has been a gross miscarriage of justice in your life. Not to put too fine a point on it.

To be completely truthful, I only listen to the first half of it. That’s the Toby Mac part. The second half is the members of his DiverseCity band with their contributions, and they just don’t thrill me. But the first half is well worth the money. If you like music that sounds best when turned up to 11, that is. If you prefer music that causes butterflies to dance ballet upon the petals of orchids held between the buttcheeks of unicorns as they graze upon rainbows, then Toby Mac is probably not for you, and why do you read my blog?

Okay, so there’s this to-do list…it’s not content with hanging on the refrigerator anymore. It has now leapt (lept? leaped? leap’d?) down and scaled the leg of my desk chair, where it is persistently tapping upon my shoulder and tugging at my earlobe. Le sigh.

I saw the new Sherlock Holmes, and I have a few thoughts about it. More on that later.

I have some sweet memories about Christmasses past to share. More on that later.

I have lots of pictures to post. More on those later.

For now, enjoy your Christmas Eve Eve! May all cookies be spicy and your cheeseballs free from MSG.

*disclaimer: This particular post from my darling brother is completely safe for viewers of all ages, if you don’t mind a little emotional scarring. Other posts may not be deemed appropriate for general viewing, depending upon your tolerance for irreverence, parody, satire, and the F word

Top Ten Tuesday: The Sensible Edition


A couple of weeks ago I bought this mug at a Hallmark store because it made me laugh:

P1010001 (4)

When drinking my morning coffee, I reach for it first. It’s my favorite. And in its honor, I give you:

Top Ten Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me

10. Science

9. Math

8. Finances

7. How a toddler who lives on dust specks and yoghurt can consistently produce bowel movements the size of Haystack Rock

it’s just disturbing, is what it is…

6. How men get better looking as they age, and women…notsomuch


4. How someone like Toby Mac can produce a song as truly horrible as track 4 on his new album. And how seemingly sensible people can say it’s great

3. The fact that my own sister won’t read my blog

2. Caffeine being legal

1. How two completely average people can produce offspring that surpass all established norms for beauty, while stunning people…well…you know.

wanna play? link it up in the comments, baby!

Kitchen Sink Saturday: in which I get a little carried away

<gushing over Toby Mac>

Toby Mac’s new cd came out last Tuesday. I love it so much. Toby Mac amazes me; he’s 4o-freakin’-FIVE and yet he flings himself around the stage (and into the audience) like a 20 year old.

this takes confidence…

He rocks hard, and his songs fill me with happiness. His album “Portable Sounds” is my favorite ever, and I don’t expect him to ever match it, but this one is awfully close. Except for track 4…that one makes me throw up a little. Good thing all the rest make up for it.

yeah baby, yeah

I wish I could get My Beloved to dress like Toby. C’mon, honeeeeeeeey…….pleeeeeeeease?????

“the epitome of cool” in my beloved’s words…
for some reason he doesn’t think he could pull it off…

Incidentally, here’s a little video of Toby M talking about his fashion sense. It’s funnnnnny…

And just for good measure, here’s the title track to his new album.


 I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU to try to listen to that song and keep your feet still. It’s just not possible. If there was a hidden camera that could film me listening to it, well, let me just say I’m glad there isn’t. It’s a little scary.

</gushing over Toby Mac>

Have a rockin’ Saturday, y’all.