Top Ten Tuesday–the “Don’t Wanna/Don’t Hafta” version

Top Ten Things I Don’t Do Anymore Because Life Is Too Short

1. Make my bed (there’s usually a soft squishy small person in it, anyway, which makes getting the blankets smooth a little difficult)

2. Iron (spritz with water. hang up. the end)

3. Argue with buttheads (including that little voice inside my head)

4. Resist buying a magazine when I want one (oh, glossy pages, how I love you)

5. Fold Underwear (My butt is wrinkled anyway, now my undies match!)

6. Drive the speed limit (HAHAHA! oh who am I kidding, I’ve never done that)

7. Worry about what people I don’t even know think of me.

8. Cross Stitch

9. Fill in all the blanks (I couldn’t think of anything for #9. Can you grasp the irony here?)

10. Blog obsessively (but then, you knew that, didn’t you?)

Got some things you learned to “just say no” to? For the simple reason that life is just too dang short to worry about it? Spill it! Feel free to borrow the Top Ten Squid button if’n you wish. And leave me a link, or a list in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday: The Sensible Edition


A couple of weeks ago I bought this mug at a Hallmark store because it made me laugh:

P1010001 (4)

When drinking my morning coffee, I reach for it first. It’s my favorite. And in its honor, I give you:

Top Ten Things That Don’t Make Sense to Me

10. Science

9. Math

8. Finances

7. How a toddler who lives on dust specks and yoghurt can consistently produce bowel movements the size of Haystack Rock

it’s just disturbing, is what it is…

6. How men get better looking as they age, and women…notsomuch


4. How someone like Toby Mac can produce a song as truly horrible as track 4 on his new album. And how seemingly sensible people can say it’s great

3. The fact that my own sister won’t read my blog

2. Caffeine being legal

1. How two completely average people can produce offspring that┬ásurpass all established norms for beauty, while stunning people…well…you know.

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